Is Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter? Know The Truth

Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina CarpenterBarry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter. Image Credit: Senior Airman Austin Pate and Phillip Mansfield.

In this age of technology and social media, it is impossible for celebrities to hide their personal life and affairs. The same is true in the case of Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter.

There is a massive speculation regarding Barry Keoghan dating Sabrina Carpenter. So, what’s the truth? Do we have another Hollywood power couple? Stay tuned to find out.

A Brief Introduction About the Amazing Actors

  • Keoghan was in Dublin, Ireland, on October 17, 1992. He spent his childhood in Summerhill, Ireland. His mother, unfortunately, passed away in 2004. He has a brother named Eric Keoghan.
  • Barry began his entertainment journey in 2011 by appearing as Stand Up Bully in a short film titled Stand Up. Recently, he was seen in Marvel Cinematic Universe‘s Eternals and a black comedy psychological thriller, Salburn.
  • Similarly, Sabrina is an actress and singer born in Quakertown, Pennsylvania, United States of America, on May 11, 1999. Her parents are David Carpenter and Elizabeth Carpenter.
  • She has three elder sisters and began sharing videos on YouTube in 2009. She made her television debut in 2011 with Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and her film debut in 2012 with Noobz.
  • Furthermore, the American actress is also a singer and has released albums such as Evolution, Eyes Wide Open, Singular: Act I, and others.

Is Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter?

It has been months since the rumor regarding the relationship between Barry and Carpenter. Even though the rumored couple has not said anything about their love, several media outlets think otherwise.

Keoghan has fueled speculation that he is dating Carpenter, expressing support on social media while his rumored partner is on tour.

Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter
Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter. Image Credit: Foxy59 and VOGUE Taiwan.

For instance, after a recent concert in Sydney, Sabrina shared a picture where she was seen alongside singer Taylor Swift. The picture showed the two singers performing Taylor’s song at a piano together.

However, the little reaction he prompted in the comment section fueled her relationship with Barry. He shared an emoji showing a blond-haired royal figure. His comment has got over ten thousand likes.

Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter
Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter. Image Credit: Instagram.

Fans went wild after this incident and started linking the two together. It might be possible that these two H-Town celebs are dating, but they have not made a public confirmation yet.

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Barry and Sabrina’s Possible Relationship Timeline

The rumored lovebirds first generated relationship buzz in December 2023 when the Daily Mail reported seeing them having a romantic dinner in Brentwood, California, United States of America.

Similarly, in January 2024, it was highly speculated that Keoghan and Carpenter would attend the Golden Globes together. However, despite the hot news, they were seen walking the red carpet separately.

Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter
Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter. Image Credit: Dublin International Film Festival and Red Carpet Report.

Furthermore, Barry Keoghan dating Sabrina Carpenter rumor escalated even more when the possible couple appeared together at W Magazine‘s Grammys after-party. Though they were pictured together, they bashfully covered their faces.

Another incident happened on February 8 during a fan event when Barry was signing autographs. He was in a good mood interacting with fans and taking selfies but didn’t spill a single word regarding Sabrina.

Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter
Barry Keoghan Dating Sabrina Carpenter. Image Credit: DarkGlow and Instagram.

Moreover, On February 22, 2024, Carpenter mentioned loving Keoghan’s movie Saltburn. However, she exited to use the restroom amidst the conversation and moved on from the Irish actor’s topic after returning.

Finally, the Taylor Swift concert incident played a huge role in nearly confirming their relationship.

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Are We Looking At the Next Hollywood Power Couple?

There is a skinny line between truth and rumor. Even though all the evidence points towards A-rated celebrities being in a relationship, we must keep a neutral mind regarding their personal matters.

It would be fantastic if the actors revealed their love story. However, at present, all we can do is root for them. Most celebrity couples tend to keep their matters away from the public until they know their bonding.

Therefore, Let’s wait until we get confirmation on Barry Keoghan dating Sabrina Carpenter. If it happens, we are indeed looking at another lovable and powerful couple in H-Town.

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