What’s Up With Comedian Shane Gillis SNL Fired News?

Comedian Shane Gillis SNL Fired NewsComedian Shane Gillis SNL Fired News. Image Credit: Social Media.

Comedian Shane Gillis SNL fired news has been trending on the Internet and social media platforms. Did it ring any bells?

Are you also wondering why the news that bombarded the international media in 2019 resurfaced? Take a chill pill and follow this article to find out the reason.

The Real Reason Why SNL fired Shane Gillis

On September 12, 2019, Gillis was announced as a Saturday Night Live cast member. However, he could not go through with the hiring process and was fired soon.

After the announcement, several clips from Matt and Shane’s Secret Podcast surfaced online. There, the hosts, including Shane, cracked jokes in faux East Asian accents when describing Chinatown and used the word “chink”, an ethnic insult for Chinese people.

Comedian Shane Gillis SNL Fired News
Comedian Shane Gillis SNL Fired News. Image Credit: Social Media.

Similarly, the American comedian used homophobic slurs to describe filmmaker Judd Apatow and comedian Chris Gethard. He was fired one week after his SNL debut announcement.

The Show’s executive producer, Lorne Michaels, mentioned that they were unaware of Shane’s prior statements and that his language was offensive, unacceptable, and hurtful.

What’s Up With Comedian Shane Gillis SNL Fired News Resurfacing?

Nearly five years after Gillis was fired from SNL, he returned to the big event on February 24, 2024, alongside 21 Savage.

Comedian Shane Gillis SNL Fired News
Comedian Shane Gillis SNL Fired News. Image Credit: Social Media.

As soon as Gillis’ involvement in the show as a host was announced, people began talking about his exit from the show back in 2019. Again, fans started bringing up Shane’s racial slurs’ clip, which led to Comedian Shane Gillis SNL fired news resurfacing on the Internet.

As SNL said, ‘Let bygones be bygones’ to Gillis’ previous comments and gave him the job of the host on the platform, it is proof that the American comedian earned his way back to the spot for sure this time.

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The American Comedian’s SNL Monologue

Comedian Shane Gillis has returned to host “SNL” after being removed from the cast in 2019 for making racist, homophobic, and sexist remarks.

The fantastic artist did not shy away from mentioning his previous firing in his monologue. He comically asked the audience if they knew who he was. Further, he requested the audience not to google the incident that got him fired comically.

So, We hope that your enthusiasm regarding Comedian Shane Gillis SNF fired news has ended. Let’s enjoy his excellent wits and jokes at Saturday Night Live. Welcome back, Shane.

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