Know All About William H. Macy’s Son William H Macy III

William H. Macy's Son William H Macy IIIWilliam H. Macy III is the son of famous actor William H. Macy. Image Source: Getty Images.

William H. Macy is a well-known figure in Hollywood, best known for his work in Fargo, Magnolia, Shameless and many more. We don’t have to talk about his acting career as we all are familiar with it. He is such a great actor and has won numerous awards to prove his acting skills. Everybody knows his wife Felicity Huffman but only a few know about his previous marriage with Carla Santos Shamberg. William tied his knot with Carla in 1980 but unfortunately separated within five years.

Talking about William H. Macy’s children, he has three children, two daughters named Sophia Grace Macy and Georgia Grace Macy, and a son named William H. Macy III. Despite William III not appearing with his father in public we can just imagine how much of a good relationship they share. We can assume that William III likes to keep his personal life private, hidden from the media’s attention. So, let’s get to know more about William’s only son William III.

Has Two Lovely Sisters

William H. Macy’s son William H. Macy III has two lovely sisters, Sophia and Georgia. William III’s sister Sophia studied at the Fordham University whereas Georgia studies at Vassar College. We don’t usually see him with his family but we can assume that he is really close with his sisters. He neither appears with his family in any public events nor does he post any pictures with his family. He is the secret son of William and not all know about him. May be William is preparing his son or maybe he is waiting for the right moment to introduce his son to the audience. It can be either, but from what we have heard we can assume his son will make his debut with a boom.

William H Macy's daughter Georgia Grace Macy
The Macy family enjoying their time together. Image Source: Getty Images.

Furthermore, William H. Macy’s net worth is estimated to be $45 million. So, we can for sure say that he lives a comfortable life with his family which includes his son William H.Macy III.

Speaking of William H.Macy’s son William H. Macy III, he has inherited his grandfather’s name which was inherited by his father. So, we can say both the father-son share not only share a lovely bond but also the same name.

Felicity’s Scandal

William H. Macy III’s mother Felicity Huffman was sentenced to 14 days of prison and $20,000 as fine. After she was found guilty of bribing for her daughter’s SAT exam, William H. Macy’s daughters’ relationship with her exploded. So, as she explained in an interview she is mainly focusing on improving her relationship with her daughters.

 William H. Macy's Son William H Macy III
William’s wife Felicity was released on the 11th day of her prison sentence. Image Source: Getty Images.

Moreover, Felicity says that what she has done is terrible and the pain she has given her family will surely last forever. However, the Macy family is going through a therapy session to prevent things from getting worse.

Mother A Mystery

William H. Macy III’s biological mother remains a mystery. However, some sites suggest that his mother is Carla whereas some suggest it’s Felicity. Also, William III has not been spotted with his family which further makes the whole case a lot more confusing.

William H. Macy Name Meaning

William Hall Macy Jr.’s son William H. Macy III’s name is of English origin meaning  Resolute protector; will.

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