Meet All Of Larenz Tate’s Children That He Shares With Wife Tomasina Parrott

Larenz Tate's wife Tomasina ParrottLarenz Tate is a very talented actor and a proud father of four sons. Image Source: Getty Images.

Larenz Tate, an American film and television actor, is best known for his roles in movies like Crash, Menace II Society, Ray, and many more. He is currently sharing his marital life with his better half, Tomasina Parrott.

Larenz and Tomasina are still together and are living a happy life with their kids. That being said, let’s learn more about their love life and their four lovely children.

Welcoming Of Their First Son Miles

  • Larenz Tate and his better-half Tomasina welcomed their first child Miles Xavier Tate on the 29th of July, 2006.
  • According to the couple, their path to parenthood was the next big step in their relationship, and the moment they saw their son was just remarkable and amazing.
  • Like all celebrity parents, Larenz has also kept information regarding his son a secret. Maybe he is just protecting his son, as he might be concerned regarding his son’s safety.
  • Apart from that, nothing much is revealed about Larenz Tate’s son Miles Xavier Tate.
  • The Tate family is living a comfortable life.

Arrival Of Second Son Zander

The lovely couple welcomed their second son after they were married to one another. Larenz Tate’s son Zander Tate was born on the 27th of June 2008.

Both Miles and his younger brother Zander have been seen with their parents spending some much-needed family time together.

As mentioned above, Larenz is a well-celebrated actor, so he is mostly spending time out of the house working.

But unlike most celebrities, he tends to spend as much time as possible with his kids whenever he is free.

Larenz Tate's sons
Larenz and his wife Tomasina with their two sons. Image Source: Getty Images.

Apart from that, we can assume that the family of six is living a wonderful and comfortable life. As addressed earlier, neither Larenz nor his wife has posted anything regarding their children.

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Zion and the Fourth Baby

Larenz Tate’s third son Zion Tate was born in November of 2013. Five years later, in 2018, the couple announced the arrival of their fourth baby.

Larenz Tate's wife Tomasina Parrott
Larenz and his better-half Tomasina are proud parents of four. Image Source: Pinterest.

Larenz Tate’s fourth son is completely away from media attention. The actor hasn’t revealed the name of his kid, but everyone in Tate’s family is ecstatic about the baby’s arrival.

Claudia Jordan first disclosed the news via her Instagram account. Kristina Baker Bellamy and Bill Bellamy were also seen celebrating the baby shower.

Larenz Tate's fourth son
Larenz and his wife celebrate the arrival of their fourth son. Image Source: Kristina Bellamy’s Instagram.

To conclude, Larenz Tate’s children, with his beau Tomasina are very much loved. The couple is even keeping the media away from their kids’ backs.

They rarely share any pictures of their kids on Instagram or other social media platforms.

Larenz Tate’s Kids Name Meaning

Larenz Tate’s first child, Miles Xavier Tate’s name, is of Latin origin, meaning boastful soldier

As for Zander Tate’s name, it is the phonetic equivalent to Xander, a short form of Alexander. The meaning of the name is to defend the man.

Zion Tate’s name is of Hebrew origin meaning highest point.

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