Leonard Bernstein’s Daughter Nina Maria Felicia Bernstein – Years Of Experience As An Actress

Leonard Bernstein's Daughter, Nina Maria Felicia BernsteinLeonard Bernstein's Daughter, Nina Bernstein works as a food educator in underserved cities. Image Source: Social Media.

?Leonard Bernstein was a great conductor, composer, pianist, educator, author, and humanitarian. He was one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American history. In addition, he was the winner of many honors, including seven Emmy Awards, sixteen Grammy Awards, and the Kennedy Center Honor.

Unfortunately, the talented musician is no more with us. He passed away in October 1990 due to sudden cardiac arrest. However, he is still alive through his extraordinary works. Owing to his reputation and fame, the composer’s family members have also come to the public’s attention. Thus, today’s talk is about Leonard Bernstein’s daughter, Nina Maria Felicia Bernstein.

Is The Youngest Child

Nina Maria Felicia Bernstein, shortly Nina Bernstein was born on 28 February 1962 to her parents, Leonard and Felicia Cohn Montealegre. She has two elder siblings, including Jamie Bernstein and Alexander Bernstein.

Nina’s father and mother tied the knot in September 1951. Unfortunately, the Bernstein siblings lost their mother in 1978 due to lung cancer. Moreover, her dad left home and moved into a Manhattan hotel suite with his male lover in 1976. At that time, the youngest Bernstein was kept sheltered from her parents’ unpleasant relationship.

Leonard Bernstein's Daughter, Nina Maria Felicia Berstein
The great composer Leonard Bernstein was a loving father of three kids whom he welcomed with his wife, Felicia Cohn Montealegre. Image Source: Social Media.

Besides, Nina Bernstein’s sister, Jamie Bernstein, is a writer, narrator, broadcaster, and filmmaker. She has written a book, Famous Father Girl: A Memoir of Growing Up Bernstein. On the other hand, her only brother, Alexander, is the president of Artful Learning and a vice president of The Leonard Bernstein Office.

Nina’s sister jokingly said that she and her two siblings are like a three-headed monster in an interview with Naples Daily News. She further added that they are very close to each other and have worked on several projects together.

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Has Appeared In Many Documentaries

Leonard Bernstein’s daughter has appeared in several movies and television series documentaries. Some of her notable appearances were in the 1985 TV movie documentary, The Making of ‘ West Side Story,’ Leonard Bernstein: Larger Than Life, American Masters, Bernstein’s Wall, etc.

In addition, she has worked as an actress at American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge. From 2000 to 2005, Nina worked on a film about her sister, Jamie, and her remarkable journeys worldwide. At that time, she contributed to bringing Bernstein’s music and teaching legacy to new audiences.

However, she is now focusing on continuing her father’s legacy of social activism. Moreover, only her elder sister is active in music as a concert narrator who explains music to people around the world. Nina and her brother have pursued their career in different fields. Even so, they have made it a priority to attend as many events honoring their father as possible.

Leonard Bernstein’s Daughter Is A Food Educator

Apart from his incredible career in the music industry, Leonard was also well-known for his humanitarian works. Many underserved communities have benefited from his generosity. His wife was also actively involved in social justice issues. In an interview with Parade, Nina’s brother said that their parents’ social activism had influenced all three of them. As a result, Leonard Bernstein’s children are also active in giving back to society and underserved cities and continuing his legacy.

As already mentioned, Nina turned her attention to tending her late father’s legacy. After working in the theatre and in several documentaries, she has been working as a food educator in underserved communities since 2008. She teaches inner-city children about good nutrition.

Moreover, in the earliest days of the internet, the beloved daughter worked at the Library of Congress. She did the job of making Bernstein Archives available to the public (digitally)The collaborations can be seen on the library’s American Memory website.

Is Nina Bernstein Married?

Yes, Nina Bernstein is married to Rudd Simmons, a filmmaker and actor. After marriage, Nina took her husband’s surname and thus she is known as Nina Bernstein Simmons.

Let’s talk about Nina Bernstein’s daughter, Anna Felicia Simmons, who was born on April 6, 2002, in New York City. She attended Northwestern University, taking a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Science. However, as per her Facebook page, Anna has now joined the University of Sydney.

Nonetheless, the iconic musician’s daughter has become a fantastic adult. Currently, she is also focusing on serving society and people in need. We wish Nina a healthy and happy life. Besides, Anna and Leonard Bernstein grandkids are James Frankie, Evan Thomas, and Anya Bernstein.

Name Meaning

Nina is the name of Hebrew and Russian origin that means Little Girl. On the other hand, Maria is of Latin origin, which means Of the Sea or Beloved.

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