Meet Louisa Simone Gottlieb – Photos Of Liz Cho’s Daughter With Ex-Husband Evan Gottlieb

Liz Cho's daughter Liz Cho's daughter Lisa Simone GottliebLisa Simone Gottlieb is the daughter of news anchor Liz Cho and her ex-husband Evan Gottlieb. Image Source: Getty Images.

Liz Cho, an American news anchor who was previously married to Evan Gottlieb, a professor at Oregon State University. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, the former pair separated in 2012. Both shared a daughter named Louisa Simone Gottlieb. Liz later tied her knot with Josh Elliott, a television journalist, and became step-mother to Sarina Elliott.

Liz Cho’s daughter Louisa Simone Gottlieb was born on May 17, 2007. After her mother’s marriage with Josh, she became a step-sister of Sarina. She lives with her mother and step-father Josh in New York City. Her mother was listed in the 50 Most Beautiful People by People magazine. So, today let’s get to know more about the beautiful daughter of a beautiful mother, Liz.

Loving Mother Liz

As we mentioned above, little Louisa lives with her mother, Liz, step-dad Josh, and a little step-sister Sarina. Both the lovely sisters love hanging out with mom Liz. She usually takes them out on bicycle rides and on marathons. The trio loves traveling and also at times have fun in concerts. They were once spotted at the Pink’s concert, enjoying girls’ night out.

Furthermore, mom Liz never forgets to wish her little baby girl a sweet happy birthday. She shows she cares, and little Louisa knows. The mother-daughter duo shares a special bond that does reflect in the pictures uploaded by mom Liz.

Liz Cho's daughter Liz Cho's daughter Lisa Simone Gottlieb
Louisa shares a lovely bond with mother Liz and step-sister Sarina

Nonetheless, Louisa not only spends time with her mother but also with her step-sister and her school friends. Liz Cho’s daughter Louisa Simone Gottlieb likes going on picnics and chat with her friends. She also loves playing with her little sibling, and sometimes the fun is doubled when father Josh steps in to join them.

Step-Father Josh Elliott

Liz Cho’s daughter Louisa Simone Gottlieb has been spotted with father Josh multiple times shopping together. He also takes his two little daughters to their favorite theme parks. Nonetheless, we can just assume that how much of a lovely bond Josh shares with his beautiful daughters. Like all daughters, Louisa and Sarina also possibly look up to their dad as a role model.

Liz Cho's daughter Liz Cho's daughter Lisa Simone Gottlieb
Liz and Josh’s wedding. Image Source: People.

Moreover, Louisa’s dad Josh like mom Liz never forgets wishing his little princess a happy birthday. The lovely family of four can be seen going on a family vacation where they usually spend time making their bond even stronger than it already is. Nonetheless, father Josh takes his two daughters on date nights where they spend time watching movies. However, Liz says her husband is the perfect step-dad for her daughter. He helps her doing school projects and helps her out with her homework. She says she can’t find a better dad for her little daughter.

Louisa Simone Gottlieb Name Meaning

Louisa Simone Gottlieb’s first name Louisa is of Latin origin, meaning renowned warrior. As for her middle name Simone, it is of French origin meaning hearkening.

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