Meet Lula Trujillo – Photos Of Robert Trujillo’s Daughter With Wife Chloé Trujillo

Lula Trujillo Family Vacation

Robert Trujillo‘s daughter with his wife, Chloé Trujillo is Lula Trujillo. She was born in 2010. Lula has an elder brother named Tye Trujillo who is very good at bass-guitar. Since she is the smallest member of the Trujillo family, she must be getting a great amount of love from everyone.

Lula’s dad, Robert Trujillo is a musician and songwriter. He is famous as the bassist of the American heavy metal band Metallica. On the other hand, Chloe Trujillo is a talented artist and she loves to do wonderful and interesting paintings.

Robert Trujillo’s Daughter, Lula Is Enjoying Her Childhood Days

Unlike her brother Tye, Lula is not very familiar with the entertainment industry. She is not seen around that often. We assume Robert Trujillo does not want his innocent daughter to be very close to the spotlight and media.

Since Lula is still going through her childhood stages, Robert might want her to enjoy her precious childhood life. Robert might be doing everything to keep his daughter away from bad distractions like cameras and paparazzi.

Lula Trujillo
Lula Trujillo, with her parents and brother, Tye Trujillo. Image Source: Pinterest.

As Lula’s mum is a brilliant painter and artist, she seems to be impacted by her mum’s amazing art galleries. Maybe, the adorable Lula likes to draw as beautiful as her mum draws. Not to guarantee but she might be able to become a professional painter someday.

So, in conclusion, Robert Trujillo’s daughter is liking her early life. Similarly, Robert Trujillo is very concerned about the spotlight and its closeness in Lula’s happy days.

Lula Trujillo Seems To Be Living A Splendid Life

Robert Trujillo has an estimated net worth of $30 million. So, Lula is probably having a luxurious life. Similarly, her father might be fulfilling her wishes which is something very fortunate.

Robert Trujillo's daughter Lula Trujillo
Lula Trujillo loves to go on vacation with her family. Image Source:

Robert Trujillo’s daughter, Lula seems to be extremely lucky. It is because she probably goes to many exciting places on vacation with her parents. Similarly, it looks as though she goes to her brother’s tour and concerts to show her support.

Lula Trujillo – Name Meaning

Lula came from the German and English origin and the meaning of it is “famous warrior”.

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