What Is Marcia Gay Harden’s Son Hudson Harden Scheel Doing Now?

Marcia Gay Harden's son, Hudson Harden ScheelMarcia Gay Harden's son, Hudson Harden Scheel. Image Source: Instagram.

Prominent actress Marcia Gay Harden is famous for starring in Mystic River, The Mist, Into the Wild, Pollock, etc. The talented actress has accumulated immense fame and fortune in her professional career.

Marcia is a doting mother to her three children with her ex-husband Thaddaeus Scheel, and they have all grown upSo, let’s know about Marcia Gay Harden’s son, Hudson Harden Scheel.

Has Two Sisters

  • Hudson Harden Scheel was born on 22 April 2004, together with his twin sister, Julitta Dee Scheel. They are the youngest kids in the family.
  • Before them, Marcia and her former husband welcomed a daughter, Eulala Grace Scheel, in September 1998.
  • Moreover, sharing a picture with his twin sister, Hudson addressed her as the best friend in the whole world.
  • Also, Marcia Gay Harden’s babyboy must share a close bond with his elder sister too.
  • In addition, the Scheel siblings have a tight-knit bond with their mama and spend a lot of quality time together.
  • Hudson and his twin were still young when their parents divorced. So, the decision must have affected them. Hopefully, Harden Scheel’s siblings grew up spending time with both of their parents and are close with their dad too.
  • Furthermore, Hudson Harden Scheel’s, Eulala Grace Scheel, shortly Eulala Scheel is pursuing her career in the entertainment industry. She made her debut with her mother in Pollock.

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Marcia Gay Harden’s Son Goes To RCS

The talented actress’ only son completed his high school education at Interlochen Arts Academy in mid-2022. Hudson’s mother shared a picture of his graduation and admired him.

The Oscar-winning star said everything about him is better than she imagined. In addition, she also made a sweet comment about Hudson’s love of music, his passion for learning, his attention to detail, and his singing and acting skills.

Marcia Gay Harden's Son, Hudson Harden Scheel
Marcia Gay Harden’s son, Hudson Harden Scheel. Image Source: Instagram.

Afterward, the beloved son enrolled at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. He is set to graduate in 2025 and seems to be doing well in his college.

Besides, Marcia Gay Harden’s kid has not clearly stated which subject he is studying. But who knows, he might be pursuing his degree related to art and entertainment.

Is Gay

Marcia Gay Harden’s son, Hudson, is gay. In a talk with US Magazine in 2018, the actress disclosed her baby boy’s sexuality.

The doting mother wanted to make sure he gets to have a family when he wants one. The younger Harden is a lucky person to have such a supportive mother and family members.

Additionally, Marcia and Thaddaeus’ son has a YouTube channel. He has thousands of subscribers.

Moreover, the channel has only one video where the younger Harden does the makeup of his mother. The mother-son duo seemed to have a lot of fun while filming.

Besides, as per Hudson’s Facebook, he has been married to Grace Smith since 23 October 2018. As he came out as gay a few years ago, it is not sure if the description is true or just a joke.

Will He Follow In His Mother’s Footsteps?

As mentioned above, Hudson’s mother has praised him and his acting, singing, and dancing skills. The beloved son seems to have inherited his mom’s skills.

Therefore, we might see the youngest Harden Scheel following in his mom’s footsteps in the coming days.

Above all, Marcia’s kid participated in Interlochen Drag Show 2022. Sharing a gorgeous photo of himself, he said the show was a success.

Nonetheless, Marcia Gay Harden’s baby boy has grown up and is currently a university student. He is close to his family members, especially his mother.

In addition, the actress’ son is passionate about singing, acting, and music. Let’s hope Hudson will achieve his dream and lives his dream life in the coming days.

Name Meaning

Hudson is an English name that means son of Hudd. Meanwhile, Hudd means Brave Ruler.

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