Meet Matthew Kerr – Photos Of Steve Kerr’s Son With Wife Margot Kerr

Steve Kerr and Margot Kerr's sonSteve Kerr's youngest son, Matthew is not a fan of sports, but has great interest in writing. Image Source: Matthew Kerr's Instagram.

There is always that one little guy having an artistic twist amongst the siblings. And in Kerr siblings, the youngest one, Matthew Kerr, has the most creative instinct. Steve Kerr’s youngest son, Matthew Kerr, is a little different from his father. He is an excellent high schooler, but he is not that into the athletic world.

Having two older siblings, Nick Kerr and Maddy Kerr, into the sports, Matthew surely learned many things from them. Furthermore, the youngest one of the GSW coach, Steve Kerr, and his decades-long wife, Margot Kerr, he receives a lot of love in his family. Therefore, let’s find out what does Steve Kerr’s son, Matthew Kerr does.

Has Been Writing Screenplays Since 12

Aforementioned, Steve Kerr’s son Matthew Kerr is not a massive fan of sports. He prefers writing and reading to games. He has been writing full-length screenplays and has received several awards for his works.

According to Matthew Kerr’s Facebook, he previously worked as a production assistant at Pixar. Likewise, he also worked at the Silly Store and left in 2019. Although there is not much information about Matthew, he seems to be a hardworking fellow enjoying his youth and paving his path.

Furthermore, Steve Kerr’s son, Matthew, is astonishingly active on social media and updates his life thoroughly but consciously. The funny lad loves his friends, families and is a travel fanatic.

Matthew Kerr Is Preparing For His Screenwriting Career

The wittiness of Steve Kerr‘s youngest child is very impressive. The petite guy is incredibly talented but is currently studying Writing for Screen and Television at USC School of Cinematic Arts.


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Like to say goodnight to the boys at the end! Comment to share your favorite moment of the semester! 😴🤪🥳

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Matthew Kerr went to The Bishop’s School, where he might have had the clear visionary of his ambitions. As mentioned previously, he loves to be around his friends and family. He posts pictures of their adventures and fun times together.

Besides having a good bond with friends, Matthew shares a great sibling bonding with his sister, Maddy, and brother Nick. He seems to appreciate them and is very vocal about his emotions.

Steve Kerr’s Youngest Child Is Gay

The GSW head coach, Steve Kerr’s son, Matthew Kerr, is openly gay. It is beautiful how he managed to recognize this complicated emotion. Seeing him embrace himself is plausible.

It is not known when Steve Kerr’s son came out to his family as gay, but the Kerr family approves and supports their child immensely. Although the time has changed drastically and homophobia does not prevail, it is a challenge one needs to conquer on their own.

The emotional turmoil can be immense and might even have some serious consequences. However, Steve Kerr’s son recognized and is embracing himself gracefully at a very young age, which is commendable. He also participates in events like Pride Parade, etc.

Matthew Found His Match And Papa Kerr Stans

Like the entire member of the Kerr family, Matthew Kerr, the youngest one, has found his soulmate. Matthew Kerr’s boyfriend, Bradd, seems to share his comical personality and love for literature. The couple is incredibly sweet and enjoys to goof around.

Matthew Kerr and Bradley Christian Bain have been dating for quite some time. Kerr even wished his partner on their second anniversary on November 10, 2019. Furthermore, former Chicago Bulls player, Steve Kerr seems to have approved the relationship and Matthew Kerr’s partner posted goofy pictures of them says a lot.

Steve Kerr's Son, Matthew Kerr's boyfriend.
Matthew Kerr and his partner, Brad are enjoying their time together. Image Source: Matthew Kerr’s Instagram.

Although they are young and are learning, both Matthew and Bradd seem to love one another’ company. They almost look alike, and even their Instagram posts radiate their happiness. Kerr’s parents taught their children to mend things when they seem uncomfortable; therefore, let’s hope we get to see Matthew and Bradd grow together.

Besides, his dad’s team, Golden State Warrior is the winner of the 2022 NBA champions. They won over Boston Celtics in Game 6 and claimed their fourth NBA championship on 16 June 2022.

Steve Kerr’s son, Matthew Kerr is a sweet guy with a great heart. Let’s hope we get to hear his prosperity in the future.

Name Meaning

The meaning of the name Matthew means gift from God.

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