Meet Matthew Ridgway – Worst Serial Killer Gary Ridgway’s Son With Second Wife Marcia Lorene Brown

Gary Ridgway convicted of 49 murders

Matthew Ridgway, the serial killer Gary Ridgway‘s son with his second wife Marcia Lorene Brown, was born on September 1975. Matthew is the only child of Gary Ridgway. The serial killer Gary had been married to Matthew’s mom Marcia Lorene Brown from 1973 to 1981.

Gary Ridgway was married three times. He was first married to his school girlfriend Claudia Kraig Barrows in 1970. Later he married Marcia Lorene in 1973. His third marriage was with Judith Lorraine Lynch in 1988, but they got divorced in 2002.

Gary Ridgway Was A Good Father To Matthew Ridgway

In a conversation with the investigators back in December 2001, day after his father’s arrest, Matthew Ridgway shared that his father Gary was a regular father. He reminisced about his father always being there for him. He also mentioned that he and his father used to go camping in Washington and Oregon on their weekends. Matthew and his father used to ride on his father’s bike around the park and play together.

The serial killer, Gary Ridgway’s son Matthew, was too young to learn about the vicious crime that his father had committed. While he was around fifth grade Matthew’s mother, Marcia told him about his father being questioned about the murder. The young Matthew did not believe the harsh reality of his father. He held on the notion that his father was only a suspect. But little did he know that his father Gary was responsible for numerous brutal murders. Matthew’s father Gary shared similarities of parenting a family with Serial Killer Ted Bundy.

Gary Ridgway with his third wife Judith
Matthew Ridgway’s father Gary Ridgway and stepmom Judith Lorainne Lynch. Photo source: Daily Mail

No doubt Gary Ridgway’s inhumane activity traumatized the world. But moreover, it must have adversely affected his son Matthew as he was too young to face the truth about his father. No one can say for sure how young Matthew felt about the unfortunate incident he had to come across due to his father.

Although Gary Ridgway is famous around the world as one of the dangerous serial killer, his son Matthew Ridgway has kept his distance from the media. We can rarely find his pictures and information about him.

The Green River Killer Used His Son Matthew’s Photo To Lure His Victims

No one ever gets thought of themselves being abducted. It was the same in the case of Gary Ridgway’s victims as well. Gary used his son Matthew’s photograph to approach his victims. They never knew that they were being baited to get murdered by one of the horrifying serial killer Gary Ridgway. His victims were mostly young girls who were 16 years old or less than that.

Gary Ridgway aka Green River Killer is one of the prolific serial killers in the history of the United States. He was convicted of 49 murders, and he has confessed about having committed as many as 71 murders.  He is sentenced to life imprisonment and is currently imprisoned at Washington State Penitentiary, Walla Walla, Washington.

Matthew Ridgway Name Meaning

The name Matthew is originally a Hebrew name Mattityahu which means gift of Yahweh.

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