Meet Matthew Trebek – Photos Of Alex Trebek’s Son With Wife Jean Currivan Trebek

Alex Trebek's son Matthew Trebek

Matthew Trebek, George Alexander Trebek‘s son with his wife Jean Currivan Trebek was born in 1990. Emily Trebek is the only sister of Matthew Trebek who was born in 1993. Matthew Trebek is widely known to be one of the handsome Celebrity kids. Alex Trebek’s son is a businessman and restaurateur by profession. He is the owner of a Mexican restaurant which is in Oso, Harlem, New York.

Matthew Trebek began his career as a bartender. Maybe he stuck with only one dream and that is to be a great businessman rather than following his father’s path. We think Matthew Trebek was not a fan of showbiz and filmy lifestyle because he was willing to live a normal lifestyle.

Alex Trebek’s Son Matthew Trebek Maintains His Profile Low

We see Matthew Trebek rarely in the public and maybe is trying to avoid the cameras around himself. He even doesn’t use Instagram currently. Matthew Trebek has posted only one photo of drink which he has captioned as his favorite one in his Instagram account. It seems that he doesn’t take many photos and is not a fan of Instagram.

Alex Trebek's son, Matthew Trebek
Matthew Trebek is the eldest child of Alex Trebek. Image Sources: Getty.

Even if Matthew’s dad has a total net worth of $50 million, he prioritizes to live a life that is made by himself. Alex Trebek’s son looks like an independent person who doesn’t want a life chained with his parents’ career. Also, Matthew might not be the person who seeks the attention of the people.

Matthew’s Father, Alex Trebek Was Previously Married To Elaine Callei

Before Alex Trebek married Matthew Trebek’s mom Jean Currivan Trebek, he had married his now ex-wife Elaine Callei in 1974. Alex Trebek and Elaine Callei were together for seven years. But sadly, the ex-partners didn’t have any child and got divorced in 1981. The reason for the split between them is still undercover.

But luckily Matthew’s father married to Jean Currivan Trebek and got along with her. They seem to be perfect for each other. The love that Matthew Trebek’s father and mother are sharing is still so pure. We hope the Trebek’s family will live as happily as ever.

Alex Trebek's ex-wife, Elaine Callei
Elaine Callei is the ex-wife of Alex Trebek. Image Sources: Panda Gossips.

As Matthew Trebek is a man of privacy, his relationship and dating life is far away from the media limelight. But nevertheless, in the near future, whoever will be Matthew Trebek’s wife or his partner will be one lucky girl.

Matthew Trebek’s Father Died Of Cancer At Age 80

Death has always been one of the most confusing emotion one must accept. Matthew Trebek, Alex Trebek’s son, had to experience the same emotion in late 2020 as he had to bid his father a final goodbye on November 8, 2020.

Yes, the longtime host of Jeopardy!, Alex Trebek’s death on November 8, 2020, adds to more misery during this difficult year. However, Alex Trebek’s battle with cancer was widely known amongst his fans who called him brave as he promised to continue the show while receiving chemotherapy,

The Jeopardy! Twitter announced Alex Tebrek’s passing calling it a peaceful departure surrounded by friends and family. Several other remarkable names, including Candian President Justin Trudeau, sent his condolences to the deceased soul and prayer for the bereaved family.

Well, the world lost a great soul, children lost their beloved father, and a wife lost her companion. However, it’s life, and one must move ahead with the painful acceptance. Therefore, let’s hope Alex Trebek’s soul rests in peace, and his family finds solace in his memories.

Matthew Trebek – Name Meaning

Matthew is an English word formed from the Greek word ‘Matthaios’ and the Hebrew word ‘Mattityahu.’ It means ‘gift of YAHWEH’ where YAH refers to the Hebrew God, Levi.

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