Did You know Late Harry Caray Is A Father Of Five Children?

Harry Caray has two daughters

The popular American sportscaster, Harry Caray had five children; three with his first wife, Dorothy Kanz and two with his second wife, Marian Binkin. They are Skip Caray, Elizabeth Caray, Patricia Eddy, Michelle McFadden, and Christopher Caray.

Talking about Harry Caray’s marriage, he married three women; Dorothy Kanz, Marian Binkin and Dolores Goldmann. Surprisingly, Skip Caray is Harry Caray’s son with his ex-wife, Dorothy. But the other four children’s baby mama is a huge confusion between Dorothy and Marian.

Harry Caray’s Son, Skip Caray Followed His Father’s Footstep

Skip Caray was born on August 12, 1939. He was ambitious from his childhood and he followed his father’s footsteps. Hence, he became famous for being the sportscaster for Braves. Skip Caray had a unique way and style of broadcasting. Also, his broadcasts were mainly characterized by his witty and sarcastic sense of humor.

Harry Caray's son is Skip Caray
Skip Caray on the right, with his dad, Harry Caray, and son, Chip Caray. Image Sources: CBS News.

Talking about his love and relationship, he married Paula Caray in 1976. He has two children named Chip Caray and Josh Caray with his wife. Just like Skip, his son Chip also went on to become Braves’ broadcaster. Skip might be very proud of his son because the broadcasting job became kind of a family tradition.


Skip Caray is Harry Caray's son
Skip Caray went on to become a sportscaster like his dad, Harry Caray. Image Sources: Awful Announcing

Although he faced some criticism in his career and was banned, every Braves fan will remember him and never forget his broadcasting style. Sadly, he passed away on August 3, 2008. Paula noticed him lying on the ground next to the bird feeder.

Patricia Eddy

Harry Caray’s daughter, Patricia Eddy is not as famous as her father. Hence, not many people know about her. She might be living a normal life somewhere.

Elizabeth Caray

Just like her sister Patricia, Elizabeth is also living the same lifestyle, far away from the glamour of media.

Elizabeth Caray's dad is Harry Caray
Only some of Harry Caray’s children are in the media spotlight. Image Sources: Bleed Cubbie Blue

Michelle McFadden

Michelle McFadden is the other daughter of the American sportscaster, Harry Caray. Just like Elizabeth and Patricia, Michelle is also living a low-key life.

Harry Caray’s Second Son Is Christopher Caray

Unlike his sibling Skip, Christopher is not known to the public. He is probably living a life away from the media limelight.

Harry Caray's son is Christopher Caray
Harry Caray’s son, Christopher might be living the best of his common life. Image Sources: Food & Wine Magazine.

Name Meaning

Skip Caray – The meaning of Skip is “ship, boss” and it came from the English origin.

Patricia Eddy – The name Patricia came from the Latin origin and it refers to “noble.”

Elizabeth Caray – The word Elizabeth is a form of the Hebrew name “Elisheva” and means “My God is an Oath.”

Michelle McFadden – Michelle is a form of the Hebrew language “Michel” meaning “Who is like God?”

Christopher Caray – Christopher is the Late Greek name meaning “bearing Christ.”

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