Meet Skip Caray – Photos Of Harry Caray’s Son With Ex-Wife Dorothy Kanz

Harry Caray's son, Skip Caray

The American sportscaster, Harry Caray‘s son with his ex-wife, Dorothy Kanz is Skip Caray. He was born on August 12, 1939, at St. Louis in Missouri state. Skip is not Harry’s only child but he had four half-siblings named Elizabeth Caray, Patricia Eddy, Michelle McFadden, and Christopher Caray respectively. Harry was a proud father of five children.

Just like his dad, Skip also became an American sportscaster. He had his long career as a radio and television play-by-play announcer of Atlanta Braves of Major League Baseball. So, he trod on the heels of his father to take his career to certain heights.

Harry Caray’s son, Skip married to Paula Caray in 1976. He had two children with his wife; two sons named Chip Caray and Josh Caray. But unfortunately, Skip’s time came to a stop on August 3, 2008, and he passed away.

Skip Caray’s Unique Broadcasting Style

Harry Caray’s son, Skip Caray had his witty and sarcastic sense of humour. He used to use his humorous jokes that endeared him to most fans but some hated him for that. Caray had other frequent targets of jokes that included the Montreal Expos’ mascot Youppi, New York Mets fans, professional wrestling, etc.

Skip Caray is Harry caray's son
Skip Caray (L) had his own style of doing broadcasts and commentary. Image Sources: Chicago Tribune.

Skip Caray was also known for his tendency to identify the hometowns of fans who would catch foul balls during Braves games. Similarly, he would routinely give ‘traffic report’ at exactly 5 o’ clock on radio broadcasts. In addition to that, when the Braves would suffer a severely bad outing, in late innings he would comfort the fans saying, “It’s OK to walk the dog now, folks if you promise to support our sponsors.”

Caray would never disappoint the fans with his commentary. Most of the fans loved him for his sarcastic and witty jokes. That is what makes him very different from other broadcasters. Caray’s rather distinctive nasal voice became so popular that former SportsCenter anchor Rich Eisen parodied his voice.

Skip Caray is father of two children
Skip Caray(R), with his dad, Harry Caray as well as his son, Chip Caray. Image Sources: CBS news

Cause For Skip Caray’s Death

Harry Caray’s son, Skip Caray had been suffering from different health issues for nearly a year. But he returned to the work for 2008 season, calling a game on the radio three days before his death. His wife, Paula reported that she wondered if her husband was napping.

Harry Caray's son, Skip Caray
Harry Caray’s son, Skip Caray died on August 3, 2008. Image Sources: Ajc

But after sometimes she found her husband lying on the ground next to the bird feeder. Shortly after Caray’s demise, the Atlanta Braves started wearing a memorial patch on their uniforms that said ‘SKIP’ and they had been wearing since the starting of 2008 season.

Skip Caray – Name Meaning

The name Skip is of the English origin and the meaning of it is ‘ship, boss’.

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