Meet Isabel Cowles – Photos Of Matthew Cowles’ Daughter With Christine Baranski

Matthew Cowles' Daughter Isabel CowlesIsabel Cowles Murphy is the eldest daughter of Christine Baranski and Matthew Cowles. Image Source: Getty Images.

Isabel Cowles is the eldest daughter of Matthew Cowles and Christine Baranski. She also has a younger sister named Lily Cowles. Both of their parents are well-known actors and producers. Her mother Christine is a 15 times Emmy Award nominee.

Speaking of Matthew Cowles’ daughter Isabel Cowles, she was born in 1984. Unlike her sister Lily who followed the footstep of their parents and became an actress. Isabel, on the other hand, set off to make her own path, a path that took her away from her home and family. Let’s get to know her inspiring journey, a journey set outside the limelight.

What She Did All These Years

Matthew Cowles’ daughter Isabel Cowles Murphy went to Houston in 2007. There she worked as an environmental journalist, also began teaching organic gardening. She also worked at the Monica Pope’s acclaimed locavore restaurant t’afia.

Matthew Cowles' Daughter Isabel Cowles Murphy
Christine’s eldest daughter is a proud mother and a lawyer. Image Source: Getty Images.

Moreover, before she settled down in Houston, Isabel spent much of her summer learning to grow organic food in a farm in Northwest Connecticut. It was there where she grew up with her little sister Lily Cowles. As she grew in the countryside, she loves sharing her outdoor experience with her inner-city students in Houston. She also used to work as an after school gardening instructor at Rodriguez Elementary.

Speaking of her academic record, she graduated from The University of Pennsylvania in 2006. She also attended law school and passed the New York bar exams. Her hard work paid off as it landed her in the Brooklyn district attorney’s office during the run of Christine’s The Good Wife.

Growing Up As A Star Kid

Growing up as a star kid is not easy, you spend most of your time on a windowless soundstage, take most meals alone, mutter lines to yourself like a madwoman, which sucks says, Isabel. As she and her younger sister were little, their mom was cast as a hard-drinking best friend to Cybill Sheperd in Cybill. Even after their mom became a star in Hollywood, Isabel never showed off their status. When her friends asked she used to name her mom’s movies and use to refer she is a great actress.

Christine Baranski's daughter Isabel Cowles
Isabel grew up alongside her younger sister Lily in the countryside. Image Source: Getty images.

Matthew Cowles‘ daughter Isabel Murphy loved her life at the farm. She never had any interest in the show business like her family. She loved the charismatic environment of the countryside and liked gardening. Isabel lives a comfortable life outside the limelight with her husband and her sons Max Murphy and Matthew Murphy. Yes, she is a mom as she got married and now is a proud mother.

Isabel As A Mother

Christine Baranski’s daughter Isabel Cowles Murphy is a proud mother of three sons named Max. This news was first made public by Max’s grandmother Christine. She revealed that her eldest daughter gave birth to her baby boy before Christmas of 2013. Her grandchild arrived on December 2nd and he is for sure the cutest child.

Christine Baranski's daughter Isabel Cowles Murphy
Isabel shares lovely chemistry with her mother Christine. Image Source: Getty Images.

Isabel and her husband live only 20 blocks away from Christine’s house, so, she usually ends up babysitting her grandchild Max. Christine says she is a wonderful babysitter, in fact, she is the best you can possibly get. In an interview with Ryan and Kelly, she told that she is babysitting not one but three grandsons. One of them is named after her late husband Matthew. As we know that her younger daughter is still single so we can assume that all Christina’s grandsons are of Isabel’s.

Plus Christine also shares a lovely relationship with her daughters. Her daughters usually join her during her red carpet walk. The pair of three has been spotted multiple times walking down the Emmy and other award functions.

Isabel Cowles Murphy Name Meaning

Isabel Cowles Murphy’s name is of a Spanish origin meaning pledged to God.

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