Meet All Four Of Kandee Johnson’s Children

Kandee Johnson's childrenKandee Johnson's children. Image Source: Instagram.

Kandee Johnson, aka Kandee Shayn Johnson, born on the 9th of July 1978, is a famous YouTube personality and beauty vlogger. Originally from Los Angeles, CA, she is a mother of four children.

Kandee Johnson’s children include two daughters named Alani Johnson and Ellie Johnson; and two sons named Jordan Johnson and Blake Johnson. So, let us meet all of the four children of Kandee.

Kandee Has Been Married Twice

  • Kandee divulged about her two failed marriages on her personal blog but has refrained from sharing names and other details of her ex-husband.
  • The makeup artist revealed that she and her first husband got married when she was 17, and she got pregnant before turning 18.
  • She further stated that she was in a verbally abusive and controlling marriage.
  • With her first ex-husband, the YouTuber welcomed her first child, Jordan.
  • Unfortunately, the media personality’s second marriage was not good either because she hardly knew her then-husband when they got married.
  • From the second marriage, she has three kids, Alani, Blake, and Ellie.
  • She was also engaged to singer Michael Castro on September 13, 2015, and later broke up.
  • Currently, she is in a relationship with Ian Ford, with whom she went on a date on August 26, 2019, and has been together ever since.

Jordan Johnson Is The First Born Child Of Kandee Johnson

Kandee Johnson’s son, Jordan, was born, Jordan Sannicks Johnson, in February 1997. Jordan is mostly known as the first-born son and child of celebrity make-up artist Kandee Johnson.

Following her footsteps, Kandee Johnson’s kid previously experimented with being a YouTuber. He titled his channel name as The Guy Boys alongside his friend Ryan Librada.

However, it did not work, and he removed the channel. Besides that, Jordan seems to be an emerging model and has debuted his modeling career through New York’s Fashion Week.

Not only that, but Kandee Johnson’s baby boy has also appeared in the Vogue magazine. Jordan’s mother, Kandee, was one of the happiest souls and the first one to congratulate him.

Jordan also has an Instagram account but isn’t quite active on his social media. But he is a regular face on his mother’s social media pages.

Moreover, Kandee celebrated Jordan turning 25 on her Twitter with a lovely caption and a beautiful photo collage.

Similarly, you might want to know about David Letterman‘s son, Harry Joseph Letterman, with his wife Regina Lasko.

Blake Johnson Was Born In 2007

Kandee Johnson’s second son Blake was born on the 11th of September 2007. Not much is known about him except the fact that he had his 8th-grade graduation in June 2022 and is a high school student.

According to his Instagram account, Kandee Johnson’s baby boy loves his family, and his favorite car is Lamborghini, which he would love to see in blue, pink, and green colors.

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Alani Johnson Is The Eldest Daughter Of Kandee

The gorgeous Alani is Kandee’s eldest daughter. She has her own Instagram account, where she mostly posts pictures relating to herself.

Kandee Johnson's daughter Alani Johnson
Kandi Johnson’s daughter, Alani Johnson. Image Source: Instagram

Not much is known about Alani’s education, but she attended a formal high school dance for the last time in May 2023. Furthermore, Kandee Johnson’s daughter is currently dating a guy named Jadyn.

The Youngest of the Family, Ellie

In January 2011, Kandee Johnson’s youngest daughter, Ellie, was born. The same month, she shared a video on her second YouTube channel, Kandeeland, where she introduced unborn Ellie to her fans.

Kandee Johnson’s baby girl seems to be growing up having a wonderful time. She even attended the World of Barbie Tour along with her mom and elder sister.

The mother of four, Kandee seems to have raised her babies with immense love and care. We look forward to hearing more from them in the coming days.

Name Meaning: Kandee Johnson’s Children

Alani Johnson: Alani is a modern 21st-century girl’s name of Hawaiian origin which means “fruit.” However, it also gives the meaning of “awakening.”

Ellie Johnson: Ellie is a girl’s name of Hebrew origin which gives the meaning “God is my light.”

Jordan Johnson: Jordan is a male given name of Hebrew origin, which means “to flow down or to descend.”

Blake Johnson: Blake is a boy’s name derived from the Gaelic word “blath,” which gives the meaning of “flower, blossom, or prosperity.”

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