What Does Mike D’Antoni’s Son Michael D’Antoni Do?

Mike D'ANtoni's son Michael D'AntoniMike D'ANtoni's son Michael D'Antoni is his only child. Image Source: Social Media.

Mike D’Antoni is a professional basketball coach who currently joined the Brooklyn Nets as an assistant coach. He further won NBA Coach of the Year honors while he served as the head coach of the Phoenix Suns during the 2004-05 NBA seasons. 

Besides having a successful career as both former player and coach, Mike D’Antoni is a doting father of his son Michael D’Antoni. Like every famous coach in the NBA, Mike D’Antoni is aware of his son’s privacy and has kept him away from the media’s approach. But we’ve tried our best to find about Mike D’Antoni’s only son, Michael D’Antoni, with wife Laurel D’Antoni

Only Child Of Mike D’Antoni and Laurel D’Antoni 

It’s the ‘next-level’ privilege to be a single child but somewhat lonely as well. However, Houston Rockets’ head coach Mike D’Antoni’s son, Michael D’Antoni, enjoys the luxury of being a single child with his NBA player dad and model mom. 

Furthermore, the D’Antoni couple welcomed their only son, Michael, in 1993. However, the 27-year-old man is still playing hide & seek with the media with victory over two decades. 

Although we do not know D’Antoni’s son Michael’s whereabouts, we see that he altered his father’s career. Likewise, not much is out about Michael’s childhood, but he moved a lot along with his parents as a child. 

Despite living a private life, Mike D’Antoni’s son must be enjoying his life separated from the glam world.  

Father’s A Renowned Coach While Mom’s A Former International Model 

Needless to mention and elaborated Michael D’Antoni’s father’s profession. Mike is regarded as one of the best in coaching history. Even Steve Nash would want him to share his wisdom on coaching. 

 But we know pretty less about Michael D’Antoni’s mother, Laurel D’Antoni, who reportedly was a successful international model. 

Before meeting Mike, Laurel worked as a model, a handpicked recruit for the Ford Modeling agency. She further traveled internationally, including Tokyo, Switzerland, Germany, and Italy. During an interview in May 2008, New York Post, she confessed that life is too short not to live it to the fullest. 

Mike D'ANtoni's son Michael D'Antoni
Mike D’Antoni met his baby mama in Italy via mutual friends. Image Source: Social Media.

Furthermore, when asked about pictures of her career days, she quipped  ‘with or without clothes?’ Well, now we know why and how the D’Antoni couples are strong as ever. 

Well, Laurel turned her life around as she met the love of her life and would get married and have a son. Let’s get into more details about how two humans’ humor and personality matched, and the magic happened within ten days. 

Michael D’Antoni’s Parents Are Perfect Pieces Of Puzzle

Timing and the right person is all it takes to take more significant steps in life. Likewise happened in Michael D’Antoni’s parents’ experience as they planned marriage within ten days of courtship and a few dates. 

Furthermore, the D’Antoni couple has a unique story behind their first meet. Even funnier, Mike D’Antoni’s son wouldn’t even have the face he has if Lauren was to date, Russ Schoene. Luckily, Laurel met Mike while she waited for the NP.54 bus in front of the Benetton store, who reportedly was in a relationship. 

While talking to NBA, Mike D’Antoni’s wife revealed that she spotted Mary and Wally walking down the street and invited her to pizza, ‘SOME FRIENDS WERE JOINING LATER.’ One of those friends was Mike and the other, Russ Schoene. 

Mike wouldn’t let go of a good woman. Hence, Mike invited her to one of his games. She went, Mike boasted of dunking for her in front of 18,000 people, and they fell in love. Within ten days, Michael D’Antoni’s parents discussed their marriage but waited to calm their parents’ nerves. 

Eventually, Mike D’Antoni and Laurel D’Antoni shared their vows in 1986. Although their plan on walking down the aisle was hasty, Mike and Laurel planned their kid very wisely. After seven years into marriage, they welcomed their first and only bundle of joy.

As of now, both the D’Antoni couple and their son are enjoying life in their respective manner. Let’s hope to hear more of Mike D’Antoni’s son in the future as we are tired of hearing the same old couple bragging about their ‘perfect relationship.’ Well, not exactly, but we do want to hear more of Mike D’Antoni’s kid, Michael D’Antoni, don’t we? 

Name Meaning- Michael D’Antoni

The name Michael has Hebrew origin which means ‘Who is Like God?’.

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