Meet Minnie Ida Anderson – Photos Of Maya Rudolph’s Daughter With Partner Paul Thomas Anderson

Maya Rudolph's daughter Minnie Ida AndersonMinnie Ida Anderson is the youngest daughter of Maya Rudolph and her partner Paul Thomas Anderson. Image Source: Getty Images.

Maya Rudolph‘s daughter Minnie Ida Anderson was born in 2013. Besides Minnie, Maya has three other children, named Pearl Minnie Anderson, Lucille Anderson, and Jack Anderson. 

Talking about Minnie’s parents, her mother is an actress as well as a comedian whereas her father Paul Thomas Anderson is a director and a producer. Let’s get to know more about Ida and her family.

Ida Was Born In House

Maya Rudolph’s daughter Minnie Ida Anderson was born in her home. According to the gossip sites, Maya gave birth to her youngest daughter in her home in order to avoid the media’s attention. Also, she wanted no records regarding her daughter’s birth.

Maya reportedly filed for her daughter Minnie’s birth certificate literally one year after her birth. She didn’t want to catch people’s attention and did not want to become the headline of gossip. Well, we can say for sure her plan worked out as we came to know about her kid a year after she was born.

In addition, Ida was named after her grandmother Minnie Riperton. Her grandmother was a singer; in fact, she was a top singer of her time. Well looks like she is en route to making her family proud. The child who has not even turned 10 yet appeared on her father’s movie Licorice Pizza as an under one roofed kid. Let’s hope to see her more on the screen in the future.

Lives In A Family Of Six

Little girl Minnie Ida lives with her parents and three elder siblings, Jackson Wright Anderson, Lucille Anderson, and Pearl Minnie Anderson. Despite the number of family members, she is mostly seen with her mom. Once, she was spotted with her mother Maya meandering through a farmer’s market in Los Angeles. The mother-daughter duo looked fabulous together and we can clearly see a parent’s love toward her kid.

Nonetheless, we can assume that her relationship with her fellow siblings is also great. Besides, Maya has not uploaded pictures of her children, maybe she is just being cautious regarding her kids. Minnie Ida’s parents live a low-key life so, there is not much information revealed about their children. However, from what we have heard, we can just imagine how much of a lovely bond Maya’s kids share.

Moreover, Ida is the youngest member of their family so, we can say for sure she is beloved by all. She is just like a little doll how will not anyone fall in love with her instantly.

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A Busy Mother Maya

Minnie Ida Anderson’s mother, Maya Rudolph, is a well-known face when it comes to acting. She has appeared in numerous movies and TV series like Big Mouth, The Good Place, and Big Hero 6: The Series, among others. Nonetheless, she is also a very talented comedian and has also hosted the Maya Rudolph Show.

Maya Rudolph's daughter Minnie Ida Anderson
Maya Rudolph is a famous actress who has appeared on the cover of many magazines. Image Source: Maya’s Instagram.

Maya, the mother of four, explained; raising kids takes a village; it’s not something one can do alone, it takes a group effort. In an interview, when Maya was asked how she balanced her personal and professional life, she said that there is no such thing as a balanced life. The actress added she never stopped working even after having kids; she took breaks, of course, but didn’t change her creative life. Minnie’s mom Maya did what she could do, gave her best, and try enjoying her kids’ childhood.

Furthermore, Maya told; humans were meant to live in villages, and as a woman, she needs help, and we as a whole need each other. They do it together, her kids are loved, protected, and they’re well taken care of, she added. And she ended by saying she makes sure that her kids grow up in a proper environment.

Apart from all these, Maya and her husband to be are together since 2001 and share four kids. Despite having four children, they are still unmarried.

Minnie Ida Anderson Name Meaning

Maya Rudolph’s daughter Minnie Ida Anderson’s first name is of Hebrew origin meaning Sea Of Bitterness, whereas her middle name Ida is of German origin meaning Labor, Work.

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