Meet Pearl Minnie Anderson – Photos Of Maya Rudolph’s Daughter With Partner Paul Thomas Anderson

Maya Rudolph's daughter Pearl Minnie AndersonPearl Minnie Anderson is the eldest daughter of Paul Thomas Anderson and Maya Rudolph. Image Source: Getty Images.

Maya Rudolph and Paul Thomas Anderson welcomed their eldest daughter Pearl Minnie Anderson on October 15, 2005. Pearl has three younger siblings Lucille Anderson, Jack Anderson, and Minnie Ida Anderson. Despite having four kids together, Maya and Paul are yet to tie the knot.

Talking about Pearl’s parents, her mom is an actress and a well-known comedian, whereas her dad is a director, writer, and film producer. When it comes to their children, Paul and Maya are quite protective. More to that, they have neither uploaded any pictures nor provided any information regarding their four little kids. We can say that they are very cautious when it comes to their children. However, many news related to Maya Rudolph’s daughter Pearl Minnie Anderson has made their way to the internet. So, let’s see what we can learn about Maya Rudolph’s daughter Pearl.

Mom, Dad, and Three Little Siblings

Paul Thomas Anderson’s daughter Pearl Minnie Anderson lives with her parents and three siblings. There are many photos of the Anderson family going on a vacation and chilling out. Similarly, the family of six usually sits around and enjoys living room shows, as told by Maya. She added, her children would dance to anything and refer to them as natural hams.

Maya Rudolph's youngest daughter Minnie Ida Anderson
Pearl Minnie Anderson is the eldest amongst her siblings. Image Source: Getty Images.

Furthermore, Pearl is a really caring and loving elder sister who takes care of her younger siblings. She shares a lovely bond with brothers Lucille and Jack, who are four and six years younger than her. She also takes really good care of her little sister Minnie Ida who is nearly eight years younger than her.

Besides, Anderson’s mother Maya and father Paul don’t usually post pictures related to their kids. There is not much information regarding their children, but from what we have heard, the family of six lives a comfortable life outside the limelight.

Litter Sister Minnie Ida Made Headlines

Pearl Minnie Anderson’s younger sister, Minnie Ida’s birth, was kept secret. Their mother Maya didn’t want the media to know regarding her daughter’s birth, so she decided to give birth in her home. She wanted no records what so ever regarding Minnie’s birth. Moreover, Pearl’s mother filed for Minnie Ida’s birth certificate a year after her birth, which made headlines.

Maya Rudolph's youngest daughter Minnie Ida Anderson
Maya went out shopping with her youngest daughter Minnie Ida. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Talking about Pearl and Minnie Ida, both the sisters’ share a lovely relationship. Maya says, her elder daughter looks after her younger one when no one’s around. Hearing that, we can assume Pearl is a responsible kid. She is the eldest amongst the four kids; surely, she looks after her young ones.

Behind The Screens With Mom Maya and Dad Paul

Pearl Minnie Anderson’s parents both are in the show business with a demanding career. So, it is hard to give the kids the time they seek, says Paul. However, the duo often takes a break from their tight schedule to go on a vacation with their kids.

Once, Maya was spotted in Los Angeles, taking a break from her long-running show to grab a bite at Joan’s Cafe. She was joined by Pearls’ little brother Lucille.

Maya Rudolph's son Lucille Anderson
Maya took a break from her busy life and grabbed a burger at John’s Cafe. Image Source: Daily Mail.

Moreover, Paul and Maya tend to live a low key life, so they are not really active on their social media. We can say that they love their privacy and are amongst those who really don’t want others interfering in their private life. Additionally, they try not to catch the media nor the public’s attention. But as we live in a world full of paparazzi, their information leaks one way or the other.

Pearl Minnie Anderson Name Meaning

Maya Rudolph’s daughter Pearl Minnie Anderson’s first name Pearl is of English origin, meaning pearl, a hard, roundish object produced within the soft tissue of a living, shelled mollusk. Whereas her middle name Minnie is of Hebrew origin meaning Sea Of Bitterness.

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