Know All About Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars’ Children

Mötley Crüe's Mick Mars children

The guitarist who changed his profile from Robert Alan Deal to Mick Mars is the proud father of three children. He is professionally known as Mick Mars; he is the lead guitarist for the heavy metal band Motley Crue.

With his ex-wife, Sharon Deal, Mick has two children named Stormy Deal and Les Paul Deal.  Regarding his other child, Erik Deal, his biological mother hasn’t been mentioned to date. Mick Mars was previously married to his late ex-wife Emi Canyn. It could be possible that Erik must be his ex-girlfriends’ child that they are trying to conceal in public.

Mick Mars’ Daughter Stormy Deal

Stormy Deal was born on September 4, 1973, to Mars’ ex-wife Sharon Deal. Les Paul Deal is her younger brother. She normally stays out of media spotlight except on some interviews where she talks about her father’s career and their relationship. In 2005, she took an interview where she spoke out about the stuff she went through being the daughter of Mick Mars. She stated positively by saying that it is wise to consider between their friends and pretense fans.

Mick Mars' daughter Stormy Deal
Mick Mars’ daughter Stormy Deal. Image Source-cellcode.

While learning about her, we came to know that she has an illness called Ankylosing Spondylitis. It was inherited from her father, Mick Mars. Despite the fact, she has a good team to medicate her. So, it is hopeful she would be cured with the best care. Going through her twitter, we found out that she has children who have been kept away from social media. She has another twitter account, @storm4deal but only confirmed people can access her. She resembles her father.

Mötley Crüe's Mick Mars
Mötley Crüe’s Mick Mars has a daughter named Stormy Deal. Image Source-Loud Wire.

Les Paul Deal Spends Quality Time With His Dad

Mick Mars’ son, Les Paul has his own great deal and challenging work towards making some of the finest guitars. On his Facebook page, he has shared a new brand guitar which he has dedicated to the person named Pop. It looks like it was for his dad, Mick Mars. He has stated that to see my pop smile was the proudest moment ever. Truly, Mick Mars must be a proud father for having such a loving son. Besides, he has got some amazing guitar tunes. Well, you can also check out his video from Answer Your Question Part. 

Mick Mars' son Les Paul Deal
Mick Mars’ son Les Paul Deal showing off his amazing work, yellow guitar. Image Source-Les Paul’s Facebook.

Erik Deal Is A Man Of Mystery

Mick Mars’ son Erik Deal is completely behind the curtains. He is neither active on social media nor through any other access, we could detect his whereabouts. He seems to have a normal life compared to his half-brothers.

Les Paul Deal, Erik Deal, Stormy Deal: Name Meaning

The name Les Paul doesn’t have a specific meaning but it denotes an electric guitar.

Erik name is derived from the Old Norse Eirikr. The term Ei either means ever or always and rikr denotes ruler or king.

Stormy name is an English baby name which means the Tempest.

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