Learn More About Nick Nurse’s Children Leo and Rocky

Nick Nurse's Children Leo and RockyNick Nurse's Children Leo and Rocky are a very often guests on their mother, Roberta's Instagram.

Nick Nurse is the perfect replacement for the Toronto Raptors’ former coach, Dwane Casey. He has been trying to uplift the Raptors after Casey’s departure. Besides having a blooming career, Nick Nurse is enjoying a blissful marital life with his former volleyball coach, Roberta Santos Nurse.

Along with an understanding partner, The Raptors coach is also blessed with two adorable sons, Leo Nurse and Rocky Levi Nurse. Therefore, we shall go through Nick Nurse’s children’s lives and their childhood chronicles.

Leo Nurse, The Nurse Couple’s First Kid

The aforementioned Toronto Raptors’ coach, Nick Nurse, is endowed with a beautiful wife and two beautiful children. Furthermore, married after two years of relationship, the pair waited another two years to welcome their first child, Leo Nurse.

Hence, Nick Nurse’s son, Leo Nurse, was born on February 8, 2017. Moreover, Mrs. Nurse often uploads her oldest son’s picture and flaunts his accomplishments with 1800+ followers on Instagram.

Nick Nurse’s son, Leo, is already up to school and mama Nurse is pretty bias about this. According to one of Roberta’s Instagram post, she revealed that Leo’s school has restarted amidst the pandemic. Furthermore, Mrs. Nurse is pretty happy about the re-opening, but she wasn’t ready to let her son enter school without looking back at her son. Guess moms are always nervous about their kid’s further steps, eh?

Besides having a difficult departure in the school gate for Nick Nurse’s wife and not Leo, he is pretty much a good child and a long older brother.

Welcomed Second Child In 2019

As stated above, Nick Nurses’ son, Leo Nurse, is one of the kindest soul and a loving older brother to Rocky Levi Nurse. The Nurse couple welcomed their second son, Rocky, on May 20, 2019.

Although small, Rocky is very close to the Nurse couple and his big brother. Despite being small, he is already an Instagram star on his mother Roberta’s Instagram. Furthermore, Rocky is pretty close to his brother, Leo, and is often pictured together.

Nick Nurse’s wife, Roberta, is a proud boy mom with great ethics and nurturing. Likewise, Nick acts as a tremendous role model, and his children must have learned great sportsmanship.

Nick Nurse's Children Leo and Rocky
Nick Nurse’s Children Leo and Rocky share a close relationship. Image Source: Roberta’s Instagram.

Additionally, Nick Nurse’s children are too small to question their career choices. Hence, we will have to wait patiently to see Leo and Rocky outshine their parents’ fame.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Nurse is having fun being a boy mom.

Nick Nurse’s Wife Enjoys Being A Boy Mom

Aforementioned, Nick Nurse is a proud father of three kids of different ages and needs. They shape their behavior continuously as their oldest son, Leo, started school while Rocky began taking small steps.


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Since Leo’s birth, Nick’s partner is having fun in motherhood. Aforementioned, Roberta’s son often appears on her Instagram as Nick seems to stay away from social media. In one of her posts, Roberta revealed that there is no dull moment as a boy mom.

Furthermore, Raptors’ coach, Nick Nurse’s wife, Roberta, describes boys as unpredictable creatures who would never live with a plan. However, she finds ways to work on their spontaneously and rejoice at the moment. Well, that’s what loving and living the moment is called.

Roberta further hopes that the childish and the lovingly expressive boys never change.

Although we do not see much of Nick Nurse’s pictures with his sons, Roberta’s Instagram post assures their strong bond. Let’s hope to see little Nurses grow up into a humongous name and personality.

Name Meaning – Leo and Rocky

The name Leo has a Latin origin, which means a lion. Likewise, Rocky means to rest in Italian.

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