Meet Olivia Savchenko – Photos of Gleb Savchenko’s Daughter with wife Elena Samodanova

Gleb Savchenko's daughter, Olivia SavchenkoThe adorable Olivia Savchenko is the eldest daughter of the "Dancing With The Stars" icon, Gleb Savchenko.

The professional dancer, Gleb Savchenko’s daughter, Oliva Savchenko was born in 2011 in Hongkong with his wife, Elena Samodanova. The first baby daughter of Gleb and Elena loves dancing, swimming, gymnastics, playing tennis, and so on.

The parents of Olivia are professional dancers in the show Dancing With The Stars. The young and adorable, Olivia Savchenko is the elder sister of Zlata who was born on August 1, 2017.

Young Olivia is Already a Star

The 7-year-old Olivia has followed her parents’ footsteps and shares a mutual interest in dancing. However, It is unsure if the little Olivia will pursue dancing as a professional career. According to mother, Elena, Oliva is very fond of dancing and loves watching her parents dance in the show Dancing With the Stars. Likewise, Olivia has participated in various dance competitions including Elite Dancesport and has also performed with her father on multiple shows.

Olivia with her father, Gleb Savchenko
Olivia Savchenko is the eldest daughter of the famous professional dancer, Gleb Savchenko, and his wife, Elena.
Image source: Olivia Savchenko/ Instagram.

The young dancer is a good performer and is professional in classical ballet, step, tango, and jazz dance. Besides dancing, Olivia is incredible in tennis, gymnastics, swimming, and horse riding to develop sports spirits and muscles. Likewise, the active Olivia is under no pressure to choose the career of her interest.

Olivia and Her Baby-sister are Best friends

Olivia is the proud sister of her young 1-year-old baby sister, Zlata. The undeniably lovely relationship between the siblings is evident in the Instagram pictures of Olivia. The elder sister, Olivia pampers her younger sister and is not reluctant to display her love for her sibling in public.

According to mother, Elena Samodanova, the birth of Zlata has brought a new meaning and responsibility to Olivia’s life. Despite the young age, Olivia feels responsible for her sister and the wonderful siblings are inseparable.


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The younglings of Gleb Savchenko and his wife, Elena has a wonderful and intimate bond with one another and the family. The proud parents of two showcase their babies on their social media and are training their children from the tender age.

Olivia Savchenkova: Name Meaning

The name Olivia is a baby girl’s name of Latin origin, which means “Olive Tree”. The beautiful name Olivia is also a lovely Shakespearean name with an admirable balance of strength and femininity.

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