Where Are The Late Pat Summerall’s Children Now?

Pat Summerall's children

American football player and sportscaster Pat Summerall has two sons and a daughter with his ex-wife, Kathy Jacobs. Kyle Summerall and Jay Summerall are Pat’s two sons, while his daughter is Susan Wiles. Pat and Kathy’s beautiful children are busy with their own personal and professional lives. The siblings likely get along with each other and maintain a warm and friendly relationship. Pat is also a grandfather of his ten loving grandchildren.

As we know, Pat is a legendary footballer and sports host. He has left a legacy of a rich and successful career. His children are certainly doing well when it comes to their lifestyle. The kids have undoubtedly grown up to be responsible adults, and we’re sure they miss both their parents, who are no longer with us. The father of three, Pat Summerall died in 2013, while the loving mother Kathy said goodbye to her family in 2005. At the time of his death, Pat was survived by his wife, Cheri Summerall.

Susan Wiles Is A Married Woman

Pat Summerall’s daughter Susan Wiles is enjoying her marriage to her husband, Lanny Wiles. The daughter of Pat and Kathy lives a quiet life with her husband. Our research suggests that the husband-wife duo is parents to their adorable children.

Pat Summerall's daughter Susan Wiles
Pat Summerall’s daughter, Susan Wiles, is a radio broadcaster and former teacher. Image Source: Tampa Bay Times.

Susan’s father, Pat, passed away at the age of 82 in 2013, after suffering a cardiac arrest. Susan, along with her husband Lanny, and brothers, Kyle and Jay, was present at her father’s funeral service. For now, Susan lives a quiet life with her family and keeps away from the media limelight.

Kyle Summerall Is His Parents’ Youngest Son

An interesting fact about the former New York Giants star Pat Summerall’s son, Kyle Summerall, is how he got his name. The youngest son of Pat and Kathy was apparently named after the National Football League (NFL) legend, Kyle Rote. We wonder if Kyle is a passionate football fan and watches all major NFL games.

Pat Summerall's son Kyle Summerall
Pat Summerall’s youngest son, Kyle Summerall, is married to his wife, Dana. Image Source: NFL

Often regarded as the “voice of NFL”, Pat might have wanted his two boys to pursue a career in football. After all, he was a professional football player himself, winning several titles and all that. Further, Kyle Summerall’s wife is Dana Summerall, with whom he enjoys a successful marriage and has beautiful children.

Jay Summerall Is An Entrepreneur And Payments Innovator

Jay Summerall, Pat Summerall’s eldest son, is enjoying his life with his wife and family. Jay’s wife, Kathy Summerall, is a loving partner and supports her husband in every area of his life. Further, Jay was present at his father’s eulogy paying tribute to his late father.

As the eldest son, Jay takes responsibility for his family and supports his wife Kathy and siblings in times of difficulty. According to Jay’s Twitter account, he is an entrepreneur and the former CEO of CardSmith, a company that deals with creating project management software. He currently lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and children.

Pat Summerall’s Children: Name Meaning

Kyle Summerall: Kyle is a name of Scottish origin, means a narrow, straight channel.

Jay Summerall: Jay derives from the Latin name Gaius, which also means “victory” in Sanskrit.

Susan Wiles: Susan is a Biblical name that comes from the Hebrew Shoshannah, meaning “lily.”

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