Meet Rebecca Gerroll- What Does Daniel Gerroll’s Daughter With Patricia Kalember Do?

Daniel Gerroll's Daughter Rebecca Gerroll Daniel Gerroll's Daughter Rebecca Gerroll is a beautiful person and a passionate cook. Image Source: PK and BG's Instagram.

Daniel Gerroll is an actor known for his work in Chariots of Fire. Following his degree in Law and Philosophy at Nottingham University, he spent years in British theatre and gained Theatre World Award and an Outer Critic Circle Award.

Well, Daniel enjoyed a triumphant career, but he also has a blissful marital life that has lasted more than 30 years. The couple has welcomed three kids together, Rebecca Gerroll being the oldest.

Did you know Daniel Gerroll’s daughter, Rebecca Gerroll, is a mother of three and is a passionate cook? No? Stick with us till the end to find out.

Daniel Gerroll’s Oldest Child With Patricia Kalember

Aforementioned, Daniel Gerroll is married to his wife, Patricia Kalember, for over three decades. They welcomed three kids together, Rebecca Gerroll being the oldest. She was born in 1985, a year before the Gerroll pair exchanged vows.

Rebecca, better known as Becca, has a bubbly personality and is as gorgeous as her mother. Since she is the oldest in the family, the motherly instinct of nurturing came naturally to her.

There aren’t many details about Daniel Gerroll’s daughter, Rebecca Gerroll’s childhood, but she enjoyed it with her siblings, Benjamin Gerroll and Toby Gerroll or Tobias Gerroll. Similarly, Becca always had a warm relationship with both her parents.

Rebecca also had a beautiful relationship with her mother and, as she described, “grew up to trust her enough to let her do her wedding-day hair.” Furthermore, if that does not define a mother-daughter duo’s strength, they probably grew older cooking together.

As of now, Becca has grown up to become a beautiful, humorous woman who loves cooking with her mother, Patricia Kalember.

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Passionate About Cooking

Before diving into what Daniel Gerroll’s daughter, Rebecca Gerroll, is doing currently, let’s know how her interest in cooking and sharing recipes sparked.

Did you know Rebecca Gerroll also tried her luck in acting before gambling it for cooking? Becca revealed that having two parents in the entertainment industry was a ‘symptom of the profession” for her. Thus, as her interest in people and love for theatre grew in high school, she became intrigued by the acting career.

Hence, Becca, aka Rebecca, moved to Chicago with her now-husband, then-boyfriend, to try out the domestic life and support her acting career at the same time. Amidst the struggle to launching her acting career while waiting tables, her affection for food grew.

Likewise, the daily phone calls to her mother, Patricia, also sparked her passion for cooking, and she began learning new recipes. Well, this is how Daniel Gerroll’s baby girl, Rebecca’s undying love for cooking, began.

 Daniel Gerroll's Daughter Rebecca Gerroll
Daniel Gerroll’s Daughter Rebecca Gerroll’s love for food grew as she cooked with her mother. Image Source: PK and BG Instagram.

Becca currently runs a cooking Instagram page with her mother, Patricia, named PK AND BG. The page only has 289 followers now, but it is clear that their content deserves more. Moreover, they share recipes on the social media handle and season them with some back story.

Hence, Becca is very close to her mother, enjoys cooking and sharing with her followers. However, Daniel Gerroll’s baby is also married to her high school sweetheart and has three kids. As for her acting career, she appeared in two films, In Between and Mow Crow, in 2009.

Married To High School Sweetheart

As mentioned earlier, Daniel Gerroll’s daughter, Patricia Kalember, Rebecca, grew up into a beautiful woman passionate about food. She got married to her high school sweetheart in September 2013.

Rebecca Gerroll’s husband seems a pretty grounded person, but she posts many pictures of them together. Moreover, Becca also shared a photo of the pair when they were only 18 and 19. Thus, their relationship is pretty old and pure.

 Daniel Gerroll's Daughter Rebecca Gerroll
Daniel Gerroll’s Daughter Rebecca Gerroll married her high school sweetheart in 2013. Image Source: Becca’s Instagram.

Becca also detailed her wedding day via her Instagram posts. She uploaded pictures of her parents on her special day along with her two adorable fur babies.

Daniel Gerroll’s daughter, Rebecca Gerroll, also documents her wedding anniversaries every year with witty and heartwarming captions. Thus, it is evident that the pair are married for a while and enjoying their time together as each other’s lifelong partners.

Now, Gerroll and her husband share three children who are Daniel and Patricia’s little power banks.

Mother Of Three Babies

Aforementioned, Daniel Gerroll’s baby girl is married and is currently a mother of three. She embraced motherhood soon after her marriage in 2013.


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While going through Rebecca Gerroll’s Instagram, we can see that she announced her first pregnancy via a candid and beautiful baby bump in late 2014. Similarly, she told the arrival of her baby girl, Lenox Vivian Patricia Ruthe was on 3/16/2015.

Within a year later, Daniel Gerroll was due grandparenting his second granddaughter in October 2016. Thus, the Ruthe couple announced the newborn’s arrival on October 14, 2016. The pair named her Luella Pearl Ruthe.

Moreover, Rebecca Gerroll birthed her third child, Ophelia June, in late December 2020. The Ruthe family of five seems to be complete, but they might welcome another life a few years later.

Summing up, Daniel Gerroll’s daughter, Rebecca Gerroll, better known as Becca Gerroll Ruthe, is a wonderful woman who loves the kitchen/cooking and completely embraces motherhood. Therefore, we do hope to see her Cookstagram grow significantly in the future.

Name Meaning – Rebecca

The name Rebecca means servant of God and has Hebrew origin.

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