Meet Sienna Ribeiro – Photos Of Robin Stapler’s Daughter With Alfonso Ribeiro

Robin Stapler's daughter, Sienna RibeiroSienna Ribeiro is Robin Stapler's daughter with her ex-husband, Alfonso Ribeiro. Image Source: Getty Images/Instagram.

Beautiful Sienna Ribeiro is Robin Stapler‘s daughter with her ex-husband, Alfonso Ribeiro, and was born on Oct 7, 2002. Talking about Sienna’s parents, Robin Stapler and Alfonso Ribeiro, they both are well-known American actors in Hollywood. Sadly, the ex-couple divorced each other in 2007 after five years of marriage.

Then Sienna’s father Alfonso married his new wife, Angela Unkrich, in 2012. The married couple has three adorable children, Ava Sue Ribeiro, Anders Reyn Ribeiro, and Alfonso Lincoln Ribeiro Jr. They are Sienna Ribeiro’s half-siblings in relation. So, coming back to Sienna, let’s not waste any time and know more about Robin Stapler’s daughter.

Alfonso Ribeiro’s Daughter Sienna Ribeiro Is Probably A Diva In The Making

According to Famous Birthdays, Robin Stapler’s daughter, Sienna, has become a popular dancing and lip-syncing TikTok sensation. Even though her account was featured over a dozen times, it was disabled afterward. Gorgeous Sienna is an incredibly talented and hard-working girl who can make a significant mark in the entertainment industry.

Many of you may not know, but many of Alfonso Ribeiro’s Daughter Sienna’s dance videos featured choreography by Matt Steffanina. She also presented her singing talent in a talent show. To a surprise, she also starred in the short horror film, ‘Unwritten.’ Since she has already stepped inside the film industry, we probably could get to see her as an actress in the future.

As both of her parents are famous celebrities in the entertainment world, it will apparently be easy for her to start off her career. Sienna Ribeiro is a diva in the making indeed. She is probably going to impress everyone with her talents.

Who Is Robin Stapler’s Daughter Sienna Living With At The Moment?

Well, as stated before, Sienna’s parents divorced each other in 2007 due to their personal issues and reasons. However, Robin and Alfonso came to a conclusion to share joint custody of their daughter. So, she lives with her dad for a certain period of time then goes back to her mom and vice-versa.

Therefore, Sienna’s bond with her parents is probably a strong one. As Alfonso Ribeiro’s net worth estimates around $7 million, she might be living a comfortable and luxurious life. Perhaps, Sienna also loves to hang out with her half-siblings. Alfonso never misses wishing his daughter on her birthdays and posts on Instagram as well.

Sienna Ribeiro's birthday
Sienna’s dad always wishes his daughter on her birthdays and posts on Instagram too. Image Source: therealalfonsoribeiro/Instagram.

When Robin Stapler’s daughter gets to live with her, the mother-daughter duo probably spends time with each other as their bonding time. In a nutshell, we can say that Sienna’s parents are doing a great job of loving and taking care of their lovely daughter.

Sienna Ribeiro – Name Meaning

The name Sienna refers to ‘Reddish oranger-brown, reddish-brown’ or its alternate meaning is ‘delicate.’

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