Meet Spencer Spottiswoode – Photos Of Roger Spottiswoode’s Son With Holly Palance

Roger Spottiswoode's son Spencer SpottiswoodeRoger Spottiswoode's son Spencer Spottiswoode is a secretive person living life in his terms. Image Source: Social Media.

Roger Spottiswoode is a Canadian-British director, writer of film and television. Belonging to a family with a theatrical background, Roger followed his father’s footprint, a British film theoretician at the National Film Board during the 40s. 

Spottiswoode has a triumphant career as a director/writer who has worked with notable names like Pierce BrosnanArnold SchwarzeneggerJames BondEddie Murphy, etc. Besides being a mastermind of entertainer, Roger is a thoughtful father of two kids with his former wife, Holly Palance. Today, we will be talking about Roger Spottiswoode’s son, Spencer Spottiswoode, youngest of two. 

Born Second In The Spottiswoode Family 

Aforementioned, Roger is a proud father of two kids, Spencer Spottiswoode being the youngest. He was born on April 18, 1989, in LA, California, as John Spencer Barlow Spottiswoode

Spencer grew old with his sister, Lily Spottiswoode, who is an actress and a producer. The Spottiswoode siblings must have had a great bond growing up, as they are only two years apart. 

Sadly, Spencer Spottiswoode’s parents divorced in 1997 after fourteen years of marriage. Although Roger Spottiswoode could probably be single, Spencer’s mother, Holly Palance, remarried journalist Robert Wallace in 2010. 

Furthermore, both Lily and Spencer are versed in keeping their life confidential and thus are not present in social media. However, leaking a little academic detail, Roger Spottiswoode’s son, Spencer, received an associate’s degree in photography from the University of Arts in 2008. 

Similarly, Spencer has a bachelor’s degree in film/cinema/video studies from the University of Arts, London. Likewise, he also went to the General Assembly to learn about User Experience Design in 2017. 

A UX Designer & Boat Load Of Experience 

With rigorous hard work and dedication, Roger Spottiswoode is working as a UX designer at Ocado Technology since January 2020. Before that, he worked for AND Digital for seven months between July 2019 to January 2020. 

Interestingly, Roger Spottiswoode’s son and Lily’s brother diverted his career from the theatrical world and created his path. He has boatloads of experiences and positive reviews from people he’d worked with. 

Roger Spottiswoode's son Spencer Spottiswoode
Roger Spottiswoode’s son Spencer Spottiswoode is embarking his own path as a UX designer. Image Source: Social Media.

Spencer Spottiswoode’s LinkedIn shows he previously worked at Healum as a product designer, Web/UX Designer for Experience Sushi, and UX Designer for The Telegraph in 2017. 

Similarly, Roger Spottiswoode’s son also worked for Capgemini as a UX consultant from February 2019 to May 2019. Additionally, he also served Warner Bros. Entertainment Group of Companies as a VFX Management trainee for ten months.

Like Roger is considered one of the best in the entertainment world, his son, Spencer, is perceived as a passionate and experienced designer. Although he is not present in any form of social media, let’s hope Spencer continues to touch the world with his talent and create a robust resume. 

Appeared In His Grandpa’s Biography

Although Roger Spottiswoode’s son doesn’t have that many film credits, he did appear one of his grandpa, Jack Palance‘s biography, in 2001. Unlike his sister, Lily, who has several credits as producer and miscellaneous crew, he has managed to stay away from the glam world.

Likewise, Spencer adopted his father’s secretive nature and is away from the limelight. Despite the secrecy, let’s hope Spencer is healthy and happy.

Name Meaning- Spencer Spottiswoode 

The name Spencer has British origin, which means dispenser of provisions. 

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