Meet Theodore Hayes MacArthur – Photos Of Ali Larter’s Son With Husband Hayes MacArthur

Ali Larter's son Theodore Hayes MacArthurTheodore Hayes MacArthur is the son of Actress/Model Ali Larter and her better-half Hayes MacArthur. Image Source: Getty Images.

Born as Alison Elizabeth Larter, Ali Larter, a popular model turned actress married actor/producer Hayes MacArthur on August 1, 2009. Their wedding was as grand as it could be, and now nearly a decade later, they are happily married and together are proud parents of two gorgeous children, a daughter, and a son.

Ali Larter’s son Theodore Hayes MacArthur was born on December 20, 2010, whereas her daughter Vivienne Margaret MacArthur was born on January 15, 2015. Both of her children have inherited her beauty and their father’s generous nature. Especially her son Theodore, he is charming and adorable, but he was cuter when he was just born and weighed about seven pounds three ounces. Like mother Ali, he is also into baking. Well, not only cooking, but little Theodore is into many things, so let’s get to know more about him.

Sharing A lovely Relationship With Mother Alison

We all know how much of a fun-loving person Alison is, so it must not be a new thing to see her getting her hands dirty while chilling with her kids. Little Theodore is just like his mother, extremely adventurous and fun-loving. Hiking, skiing, and swimming is not a big deal to Ali Larter’s son Theodore Hayes MacArthur. He can be seen having fun with his parents enjoying their company.

Ali Larter's family
Theodore loves spending time with his parents and younger sibling. Image Source: Ali’s Instagram.

Furthermore, Theodore also adores his little sister, Vivienne’s company. He is like a father figure to her, whenever their parents are out working, he is the one taking care of his little sibling. Apart from that, whenever mom’s home, the three usually end up cooking and baking. To put it more straightforwardly, Theodore loves spending a chunk of his time with mom and sister.

Does What Children Do Best

Every child loves playing, running here and there messing things up, and Ali Larter’s son Theodore Hayes MacArthur is no exception. He also enjoys playing with his friends and little sister. He is also really fond of his dog, in fact, he can be often seen taking his dog to walk with his father near beaches and parks.


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Theodore’s dad is also really cool and we can call him one of the coolest dads. He just adores taking his children to new places and let them experience something new. Little Theodore is now an elementary schooler, so he kind of spends much of his time with his school mates and teachers. Ali is entirely focused on her son’s education like all moms, and she won’t compromise with that in any way.

Ali Larter's son Theodore Hayes MacArthur
Ali taking her son Theodore to school. Image Source: Pinterest.

Despite being busy with his school and everything, little Theodore can be often seen sharing the Red Carpet with his mother, Ali. Well, we can say wherever Ali goes, her son is never behind. He just loves hanging out, having fun with his mother.

Theodore Hayes MacArthur Name Meaning

Theodore Hayes MacArthur’s fist name is of Greek origin, meaning God-given, as for his middle name Hayes, it is of Irish origin, meaning descendant of Aodh.

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