Meet Vivienne Margaret MacArthur – Photos Of Ali Larter’s Daughter With Husband Hayes MacArthur

Hayes MacArthur's daughter Vivienne Margaret MacArthurVivienne Margaret MacArthur is the daughter of Actress/Model Ali Larter and her better-half Hayes MacArthur. Image Source: Getty Images.

The former model turned actress, Alison Elizabeth Larter is currently sharing her marital life with her better-half/husband Hayes MacArthur since August 1, 2009. With a remarkable wedding and tons of best wishes, the couple is living a comfortable life with their two amazingly cute children.

The pair welcomed their eldest child Theodore Hayes MacArthur on 20th December 2010 and daughter, Vivienne Margaret MacArthur on January 15, 2015. Speaking of their appearance, both of Ali Larter’s children have inherited her good looks and Hayes’ charm. Both of her children are too adorable and cute, however, today we will only discuss the youngest member of the MacArthur family,

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The Youngest One

Being the youngest in the family have a huge advantage, you are always the favorite of mom and dad. Everyone loves you, and most of your mistakes are ignored. Similar is the case with Ali Larter’s daughter Vivienne Margaret MacArthur, she is the youngest among two, so everyone just loves her. She is her dad’s little princess and mom’s little angel.

Ali Larter's daughter Vivienne Margaret MacArthur
Vivienne enjoys every moment she spends with her mother. Image Source: Zimbo.

Vivienne can often be seen enjoying her childhood with her father watching football games, surfing, hiking, and skiing. Her father, Hayes, is a cool dad who loves taking his kids to explore new things. And while they are at home, her father carries her in his arms, giving her a big hug. The father-daughter duo just can’t part away from one another.


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Apart from that, when we speak of her and her mother Ali’s relationship, we have already mentioned she is her mother’s little angel. The duo loves cooking and hanging out doing girly things, especially shopping. Mothers are the ones who love their child the most, so we don’t have to clarify how much Ali Larter’s children mean to her.

A Happy Family

Nearly a decade and two children later, Ali and Hayes have proven that with hard work and determination, you can have a successful career as well as a happy family. The family of four is living a comfortable life filling their pockets with all the happiness they can gather. Living in a family with such great parents is a blessing, and we can say for sure when Ali Larter’s daughter and son grow up, they will also be thankful that they grew up in such a beautiful family.

Ali Larter's family
Ali and Hayes are proud parents of two children. Image Source; Ali’s Instagram.

Moving on, we have already addressed that Ali and Hayes treat their daughter like a princess, and they can go to any extent to make her happy. However, that can sometimes backfire like the time Hayes dressed up as Santa Claus to make his daughter really happy, but that didn’t turn out how he expected. Instead, his daughter cried the second he carried her.

Hayes MacArthur's daughter Vivienne Margaret MacArthur
Vivienne doesn’t cry anymore, seeing her father dresses as a Santa Claus. Image Source: Hayze’s Instagram.

In addition to that, little Vivienne loves listening to her father play guitar. She cries a lot whenever she misses her father, despite being angry with him, the only place where she can find peace is her father’s arms.

Vivienne Margaret MacArthur Name Meaning

Vivienne Margaret MacArthur’s first name is of French origin, meaning alive. As for her middle name Margaret, it is derived from French, Latin, and Greek, meaning Pearl.

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