Quentin Commerford And Xavier Commerford – Are Tim Commerford’s Children Showing Interest In Music?

Tim Commerford's childrenTim Commerford shares two sons with his ex-wife, Aleece Dimas. Image Source: Social Media.

When it comes to talking about bassists, Tim Commerford can never be forgotten. Born and raised in Irvine, California, Tim has been a part of bands like Rage Against the Machine, Audioslave, Prophets of Rage, Wakrat, and Future User. In addition, in 2014, Paste magazine ranked him eighth on its list of “20 Underrated Bass Guitarists.”

The talented bassist is a doting father of two sons. He and his ex-wife, Aleece Dimas, were married for seventeen years and welcomed two boys. So, are Tim Commerford’s children interested in music? Let’s find out in this article.

Are Staying Away From The Limelight

After trying the knot in 2001, Tim and Aleece gave birth to two kids, Xavier Commerford and Quentin Commerford. Xavier was born in 2002, and Quentin arrived in 2004. With just two years of the age gap, the Commerford boys must have had fun while growing up together.

Tim himself is a secretive person and is not active on social media. As a result, he and his former spouse have kept the boys away from the limelight. Hence, the media and fans have not gotten sight of them, and they don’t seem to be active on any social media platforms.

Nonetheless, we hope we learn more about Tim Commerford’s children in the coming days.

Their Parents Have Already Divorced

In November 2018, Xavier and Quentin’s mom filed for divorce without divulging the reason. She also asked for spousal support and physical custody of them. Two days later, their dad revealed about the divorce through a statement and mentioned remaining committed and loving parents to them.

It is unknown whether Xavier and Quentin’s parents finalized their divorce. But, hopefully, they have moved on in their lives. It must have been difficult for Tim Commerford’s kids after the divorce, but they must have handled it well.

Tim Commerford's Children
Xavier and Quentin’s parents got divorced after being married for 17 years. Image Source: Social Media.

Just a few days after their mom filed for divorce, the Commerford siblings’ dad was granted a restraining order against their mother after she allegedly assaulted him. She supposedly illegally made her way inside a house their father was crashing at and assaulted him with her iPhone and fists. As a result, he sustained severe injuries to his face and body.

After beating the house owner, Aleece fled the scene even before the police arrived and later got arrested at her home. So, Xavier and Quentin’s father was granted the restraining order. As per the order, she must stay 100 yards away from him and must not interfere with his visitation with the children.

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Are The Commerford Boys Interested In Music?

Many music fans must be wondering if Tim Commerford’s sons have developed an interest in the music sector. Unfortunately, the boys are not big music fans and don’t really listen to music, as per their dad. The only music they listen to and the only time they are exposed to it is when they come to a Wakrat show or a Prophets of Rage gig.

Although Wakrat is not that kid-friendly, the kids are explained a lot about it. Interestingly, Tim Commerford’s son, Quentin, once kept count of the swearing in one of his songs. The youngest Commerford revealed to his dad that he used the “f-word” 37 times. The bassist replied that if he wanted to swear, he could get in a rock band where he could swear all he wanted.

Although Tim revealed that his sons don’t listen to music, his youngest can play drums. The father-son duo plays music together at home, where they have a drum set. Xavier also starred alongside his dad and Audioslave‘s band members in the song Like A Stone from its 2002 self-titled debut album.

Well, as of now, Tim Commerford’s children must be focusing on their studies. They must be in sound health and are likely making time between their mom and dad. Who knows, the boys might become more successful than their father in the future. Hopefully, Xavier and Quentin will have prosperous days ahead. Furthermore, the Commerford bunch’s dad recently had his prostate removed after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. We hope he is doing well.

Name Meaning Of Xavier And Quentin

A name of Arabic origin, Xavier means “new house” and “bright.”

A French male given name, Quentin, came from the Latin first name Quintinus, a short form of Quintus, and it means “the fifth.”

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