Meet Tracy Marrow Jr. – Photos of Ice-T’s Son With Ex-Partner and Baby Mama Darlene Ortiz

Ice-T’s Son, Tracy Marrow Jr., togetherTracy Marrow Jr. is the middle child and only son of the famous Ice-T.

The 25-year -old, Tracy Marrow Jr. is Ice-T’s Son with former partner and baby mama, Darlene Ortiz. The young Marrow has featured on his father’s E! show, Ice Loves Coco.

Tracy Marrow Jr. is the elder brother of little Chanel Nichole from his father Ice-T and stepmother, Coco Austin. Likewise, Marrow has an elder sister Letesha from “New Jack Hustler” singer’s girlfriend, Adrienne.

Busted for Outstanding Warrant in 2012

LA cops busted the son of rap pioneer and “Law & Order SVU” actor, Tracy Marrow Jr. was busted by LA cops for an outstanding warrant in the year 2012. Moreover, according to the published reports, the young celebrity, Tracy, was briefly hauled off to jail.

The Los Angeles police arrested the young son of Ice-T for blasting music too loudly from his car on October 10, 2012. After being after to turn the music down, the frisky teenager Tracy reportedly made rude comments to the officers and turned his music right back up. Furthermore, the LA officers found an outstanding $10,000 warrant from a previous speeding incident. The officers then had to detain Tracy and the information about the outstanding warrant surfaced.

Mamma’s Boy, Tracy Marrow Jr.

Ice-T’s Son Tracy Marrow Jr with mother, Darlene
Tracy Marrow Jr has an intimate and strong bond with his mother, Darlene Ortiz.
Image source: Darlene Ortiz/Instagram.

The adult son of Ice-T, Tracy Marrow Jr., is a family person and enjoys spending time with his family. Tracy resembles his mother’s personality, traits and is still his mother’s little son despite his age.


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The adorable mother and son duo frequently go out for movies and lunch. Tracy loves spending time with his mother and shares a strong and intimate bond. According to mother, Darlene, there is never a dull moment for her since the day her little boy, Tracy, was born. Furthermore, the proud mother of Tracy admits always having a great time together even if they are cleaning the house.

Tracy Marrow Jr.: Name Meaning

The name Tracy is derived from a Norman French place name which means ‘domain belongs to Thracius”. The beautiful name was later famous as a feminine name by the main character Tracy Lord in the movie ‘The Philadelphia Story’. The wonderful name is also sometimes used as a  diminutive of Theresa. Besides that, the name Tracy is also taken from the Irish word “Treasach” meaning ‘war-like’ or ‘fighter’.

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