Meet Trey Spillman And Amaya Spillman – See How C.J. Spillman’s Children Are Growing Up

C.J. Spillman children Trey Spillman and Amaya SpillmanTrey Spillman and Amaya Spillman are well-known as former athlete C.J. Spillman's children. Image Source: C.J. Spillman Twitter.

Anyone who follows football might recognize Claude Norman “C. J.” Spillman for his talents on the field. However, others might have heard of the former San Francisco 49ers player because of the sexual assault and rape charges he faced throughout his career.

There is no denying that countless people around the globe have heard of C.J. Spillman‘s professional career and legal fights in some way. However, very few people are aware of his personal life. In addition, many are even more surprised to learn that Spillman is a father of three children.

So, in this article, let us look at how two of C.J. Spillman’s children, Trey Spillman and Amaya Spillman, are growing up.

C.J. Spillman’s Daughter Amaya Spillman

Amaya Spillman was born to C.J. Spillman as his eldest child. However, it seems like Amaya’s parents have kept her out of the spotlight due to the numerous charges leveled against her father in the past. Similarly, the eldest one herself tends to avoid the media. Consequently, little is known about the celebrity child other than her name.

C.J. Spillman children Trey Spillman and Amaya Spillman
Amaya Spillman is C.J. Spillman’s eldest daughter with his former beau Domini Williams. Image Source: C.J. Spillman Twitter.

Looking at C.J. Spillman’s Instagram bio, he claims to be a proud father of two boys. Furthermore, his Instagram feed has no mention of his daughter. While the former athlete has previously shared multiple photos of his daughter on his Twitter page, he has stopped sharing Amaya’s pictures on his socials in recent years. So, it is unclear if the father-daughter duo is still on talking terms.

Furthermore, going through his social media, it appears that C.J. Spillman’s daughter no longer resides with him. As a result, Amaya may be living with her mother away from the unwanted media fuss. So, it’s safe to assume that the world will have to wait a while to learn about or see the athlete’s daughter in the spotlight.

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Former 49ers Shares A Close Bond With His Son

C.J. Spillman’s eldest son was born in the late 2000s. While Google suggests that Splliman’s eldest son is named Trey, the former athlete addresses his son as Claude across all social media platforms. Unfortunately, there are no other ways to know if Spillman’s kid is named Claude Spillman. Furthermore, his son is not active on any social media platforms, making it practically impossible to learn about his true identity.

Additionally, because C.J.’s son chooses to stay out of the spotlight, his current whereabouts are unknown. So, except for the glimpses of the boy’s life that we see on his father’s social media, we know very little about him. Nonetheless, Spillman’s son must be living a comfortable life even if he does not flaunt it online.

Still, while the former athlete is a worldwide celebrity, his son may take some time to share his limelight. In any case, we wish Trey the best of luck in his future endeavors.

C.J. Spillman‘s Children Have A Younger Brother

Apart from Amaya and Claude, Spillman is also a doting father to Clayton Spillman. Clayton is quite close to his older brother, and the two are frequently seen together with their father. The former player’s youngest child is currently enrolled in the same school as his sibling. Their dad even shared a picture of the boys on their first day of school.


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Looking at the former NFL player’s social media, it is evident that he enjoys spending time with his sons. Moreover, the former athlete also takes his boys to football games. So, one of his sons could possibly follow in his footsteps. Still, it’s too early to tell whether C.J. Spillman’s children have inherited his talents.

According to a 2013 article of Courier-Journal, C.J. Spillman was living in San Jose with his then-fiancee Domini Williams and his two children. Then in 2016, Star-Telegram stated that Spillman had three kids with his former live-in girlfriend. But it is unclear if it is the same woman.

Moreover, C.J. Spillman’s baby mama reportedly had a temporary restraining order against him. She had sought out the order after he reportedly pulled a gun on her.

Father Has Been Accused Of Rape

Many renowned NFL players have had their fair share of run-ins with the law for sexual assault and domestic violence throughout the years. And former Cowboy special teams player C.J. Spillman is one of those accused of rape.

In October 2014, a Bay Area massage therapist accused the former player of attempted rape. According to the police reports acquired by the Daily News, Spillman groped, tried to rip her clothes off, and forcefully pushed oral sex upon her.

The Santa Clara police department then investigated the case. However, the court did not charge the player as he denied all the allegations.

The athlete’s legal issues, however, did not end there. In October 2014, just weeks after Dallas Cowboys signed him, a woman accused C.J. Spillman of raping her in Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine.

However, the former athlete claimed that it was consensual. Consequently, the court investigated Spillman’s case for more than a year. Following this, in 2016, a Tarrant County jury found the former footballer guilty and sentenced him to five years in jail.

Still, there have been no further wrongdoings on C.J.’s behalf following his release. And at present, he is enjoying his time with his sons, Claude and Clayton.

We wish C.J. Spillman‘s children all the best for their future and hope to see more of them in the coming days.

Name Meaning

Amaya is a Basque word that signifies the end or lovely location. Moreover, Amaya also means a heavenly place in Japanese.

Similarly, initially used as a nickname for the family’s third son, Trey means three or third. Finally, Claude is a classic French name that means limping or stuttering.

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