Meet Victor Schwartz – Photos Of Wendy Schaal’s Son With Stephen M. Schwartz

Wendy Schaal's Son Victor SchwartzWendy Schaal's Son Victor Schwartz is a private person. Image Source:David Rothenberg's Facebook.

The Blurbs actress Wendy Schaal is an amazing actress. Coming from a family with a history in Hollywood, she also tried and made some remarkable contributions in the entertainment industry. Furthermore, Richard Schaal‘s daughter, with Lois Treacy, Wendy’s step-mother, Valerie Harper, lured her into Hollywood.

Although we haven’t heard the news of Wendy’s new films, she actively voices Francine Smith in American Dad!. Besides having a unique voice, she is also a doting mother of two sons, Adam Victor Schwartz and Victor Schwartz, with ex-husband, Stephen M. Schwartz. Therefore, here’s everything we found out about Wendy Schaal’s son, Victor Schwartz.

Extremely Private About His Whereabouts

When it comes to big names, they can afford almost every luxury in the world but privacy—a similar case with Wendy Schaal. She was married to an accomplished musician, Stephen M. Schwartz. A well-known fact about the pair is that they were married for about ten years and welcomed a son named Adam Victor Schwartz.

However, little to not known about the pair is that they had two babies, Adam and Victor Schwartz. Furthermore, Wendy Schaal’s son, Victor Schwartz, seems to be an utter secret, and he prefers to keep things that way. Moreover, there are no traces that prove his existence except for a few Facebook posts and IMDb, which writes two sons but contradict it at the same time below.

Thus, we, too, are confused if Wendy Schwartz’s son, Victor Schwartz, will ever make his presence public. Moreover, Victor Schwartz’s father, Stephen M.Schwartz, never posts pictures of him on his Facebook, but Adam and his son, Zach Schwartz, with his wife, Althea Schwartz, are constant guests.

Yes, Victor must have grown up with his brother, Adam Schwartz, who grew up to become a musician. Likewise, his half-brother, Zach Schwartz, is also a musician like their father. Although there is little to no information about Victor’s whereabouts, let’s hope to see or hear more of him in the coming days.

Until then, let’s talk about Victor Schwartz’s parents and their marriage.

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Victor Schwartz’s Parents Were Married For Ten Years

Aforestated, privacy is liberty, not every celebrity can afford. However, American Dad!‘s voice actress Wendy Schaal seems to have reserved her luxury since the 70s.

Wendy has been keeping her personal life confidential. Coming from a family with a history in Hollywood, she came on spotlights during significant events like her father Richard Schaal’s death. Still, besides that, her relationship and marriage are tucked away from her professional journey.

Although Victor Schwartz’s mother, Wendy’s present relationship status is a mystery, she was married to a musician Stephen M. Schwartz for at least ten years.

There is very little information about the former couple. But they exchanged their vows on 4 September 1977 in an intimate ceremony. They must have collected blessings from their parents, and close friends must have celebrated their love in the beautiful fall of September.

Wendy Schaal's Son Victor Schwartz
Wendy Schaal was married to Stephen M.Schwartz in 1977 in an intimate ceremony. Image Source: Social Media.

Furthermore, Victor Schwartz’s parents appeared at several events together. However, their marriage and love did not last long, and they ended up divorcing on 11 October 1987. Both Victor and his brother, Adam, were very young when their parents parted ways and had difficulties accepting the transition.

Nevertheless, Wendy Schaal’s son, Victor Schwartz, is still maintaining the impenetrable wall of privacy. Therefore, let’s hope to get a glimpse of him in the coming days.

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