Find Out What Steve Ballmer’s Parents Did In The Past

Steve Ballmer parents, Steve Ballmer mother, Steve Ballmer Father, Frederic Henry Ballmer, Beatrice DworkinSteve Ballmer is the son of Frederick Henry Ballmer and Beatrice Dworkin. Image Source: Social Media.

Steve Ballmer is a globally known American billionaire businessman and investor. The present owner of one of the most-loved basketball teams, Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA, Steve, was Microsoft’s CEO from 2000 to 2014. Though he left his position as a CEO of Microsoft, he remained on its Board of Directors for some months but eventually left to prepare for teaching a new class. Steve Ballmer’s net worth as of 2020 was $74.3 billion, ranking him as the 10th richest person worldwide.

The multi-billionaire friend of Microsoft corporation founder Bill Gates, Steve Ballmer is the son of Frederic Henry Ballmer and Beatrice Dworkin. He grew up in one of the richest communities of Farmington Hills, Michigan, which shows that his parents were also wealthy enough to adjust to the community of rich peoples. Here, find out what Steve Ballmer’s parents, Frederic Henry and Beatrice Ballmer, did in the past and many more.

Steve Ballmer’s Father, Frederic Henry, Was An Employee At Ford Motors

Going through the biography of Steve Ballmer, it seems like he never suffered from a financial crisis while growing up. He spent his early years in an affluent community and attended prestigious schools and colleges. So, it’s obvious that Steve Ballmer’s parents were affluent enough to fulfill his every need and pay his school and college fees. To provide for his family, Steve Ballmer’s father, Frederic Henry Ballmer, used to work as a manager at the American multinational automaker headquartered in Michigan, Ford Motor Company.

Steve Ballmer parents, Steve Ballmer mother, Steve Ballmer Father, Frederic Henry Ballmer, Beatrice Dworkin
Steve Ballmer’s father, Frederic Ballmer, was an executive manager of the Ford Company. Image Source: Social Media.

Besides being Ford Company’s executive manager, Steve Ballmer’s father, Fred, was also an owner of Microsoft Corporation’s shares. At the time of Microsoft’s IPO on 13 March 1986, Fred got 33,666 shares while his son, Steve, owned about 7.5 percent shares. The Stock was $25.75 while opening, but it closed at $27.75 on its first day. It meant Frederic was worth $1 million. He made more money in six hours of Microsoft stock trade than he earned in nearly twenty years working for Ford.

Talking about Steve Ballmer’s mother, Beatrice Dworkin, as often mentioned by Steve in his interviews, worked as a manager in the past. Once while Bill Gates explained to him about managing the office and getting furniture, he recommended his mom. He said it was the work that his mom did at her business, hinting that his mom worked as a manager or something related/near with that post.

Nevertheless, whatever jobs Steve Ballmer’s parents did in the past, they earned enough to raise Steve, and his sister, Shelly Ballmer. As a result, their son later earned several billion and gave them the lavish life they always deserved.

Ballmer Donated Millions Of Dollars In The Name Of His Late Mother

Steve Ballmer’s parents, Frederic Henry Ballmer and Beatrice Ballmer, must be really proud of their son. He did not earn billions and used that money for his personal benefit only. Rather, Steve utilized most of his earnings for philanthropic works and to support various organizations.

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Some months after Beatrice Dworkin’s death in 1997, Steve, along with Bill Gates, donated $25 million to Harvard University in her and Gates’ mother, Mary Maxwell Gates, names. They provided the amount to Harvard for the university to build a new computer-science building.

Steve Ballmer’s Parents Wanted Him To Be In Business School

Those who are up to date on Steve Ballmer might know well that he dropped out of the Standford Graduate School of Business to join Microsoft. However, the Swiss father and Russian mother of Steve Ballmer wanted him to be in business school. His father even wanted him to join the auto-industry after completing his business school.

However, Steve Ballmer went against his parent’s will and decided to join the software industry. The 1980’s American auto industry’s depression also made Steve join Gates’ Microsoft as a business partner to Paul Allen. Steve Ballmer’s parents questioned about software and even asked why a person would ever need a computer. Moreover, they told him that if it does not work out, he had to go back to business school. But, Steve gave continuity at Microsoft and achieved success too.

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