Get to Know Multiethnic Champion of the Tennis Court Marcos Giron’s Parents: How Supportive Were They?

Marcos Giron's parentsMarcos Giron's parents. Image Source: Instagram.

Among several types of sports, tennis is one of the most popular. Some of the top players are Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Serena Williams, Martina Hingis, Maria Sharapova, and others. Another name that can never be forgotten when talking about tennis sports is Marcos Giron.

The success that Giron has achieved in his professional career is commendable. It might not have been possible without unwithering support from his loved ones. Talking of which, Marcos Giron’s parents must be proud of what he has been doing. So, today’s article focuses on his dad and mom and how they have been his supporters throughout his journey. Keep reading!

Proud Parents of Two

The tennis prodigy was born Marcos Andres Giron to his dad, Andres Giron, and his mom Rosanna Giron. Marcos Giron’s parents, who have Spanish heritage, have been together for many years, but their marriage timeline remains a mystery as of now.

Furthermore, the Giron couple is proud parents of two children. Before welcoming their son, the pair welcomed a daughter, Gabriela Giron, who also goes by the name Gabby Giron. In addition, Marcos Giron’s sister seems to love to travel, mainly hiking and engaging in outdoor activities.


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On Gabby’s Instagram, we can see she has shared several pictures from her travel and hiking to different places. Andres and Rosanna must have raised their kids with immense love and care. Furthermore, the family of four must be having wonderful times together.

Marcos Giron’s Parents Got Him Hooked To Tennis

The professional tennis player has been doing well in the sport. If it wasn’t for his dad and mom, he might not have started playing. Meaning because of Marcos Giron’s parents, he got the knack for the sport when he was about five or six years old. He got his first racket when he was seven or eight years old.

Marcos Giron’s dad used to play often with his friends, and his mother used to feed him balls. Furthermore, his parents loved tennis, so he got more involved. When he was a small guy, he just swung at the ball, hoping to get it over the net. Eventually, he began playing in some tournaments and doing reasonably well.

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Andres and Rosanna Have Already Separated

Marcos Giron’s parents have provided ever-green support since starting his career. Their love and assistance are one of the reasons why he is where he is today. However, their union could not be as long-lasting as their support for their baby boy.

In 2014, Marcos was going in for an MRI on his hip. That’s when his mom called and informed him that it was over. So he laid there still in the tube to have an MRI and kept on thinking about the divorce of his mother and father. For the tennis prodigy, it was a new thing to deal with because he always thought his parents had a happy marital life.

Marcos Giron's parents
Marcos Giron’s mom. Image Source: Instagram.

Andres and Rosanna’s son revealed that he always lived a life where he thought everything would be okay. However, after Marcos Giron’s mom revealed about their divorce to him, he found himself alone with his thoughts and no one to talk to. In addition, he had to take two months off for his hip, and it was extremely tough as he could not even use tennis as an escape.

The Current Whereabouts of the Former Giron Couple

After divorcing, Marcos Giron’s father and mother immediately separated, and he had to split his time between them. His days consisted of rehab, coming home, and looking back on everything they have been through as a family and knowing nothing will ever be the same.

The tennis player must have made peace with the fact. Likewise, the former couple might have moved on with their lives. However, they have been living away from the spotlight and must be doing well.

Nevertheless, we look forward to knowing more about Marcos Giron’s mother and father in the coming days. We wish them blissful days ahead and hope their lives are filled with abundant happiness and prosperity.

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