The Power of a Good Wife: How Mark E. Casse’s Wife, Tina Casse, Has Supported His Career

Mark E. Casse's wife Tina CasseMark E. Casse's wife Tina Casse

Mark E. Casse has achieved significant success in the horse racing world. He started his professional career after receiving his training license at 17. He has received 13 Sovereign Awards for being an outstanding trainer in Canada. Furthermore, as the saying goes, “Behind every successful man is a woman,” there’s also a woman behind his immense success.

The contribution of Mark E. Casse’s wife, Tina Casse, is undeniable and praiseworthy. Things have always been on a high for Mr. Casse, all thanks to Mrs. Casse. However, while the career of Mr. Casse is talked about so often, the personal life between the couple is so less talked about, so if you are curious about the lucky lady of the horse trainer’s life, continue reading until the end. We’ve got you covered.

Encountered Via Mutual Friends

Mark E. Casse’s spouse is originally from Crystal River, Florida. A registered nurse by profession, she moved to Ocala, Florida, home to Monroe regional medical center, soughting the big leagues in cardiac care.

Ocala is famous for its thoroughbred breeding industry, immaculate farms, and training centers. Tina quickly befriends Harry Mangurian, Ocala’s finest racehorse breeder. Through him, she met her to-be husband, Mark, who was the manager and trainer of operations for Mangurian’s Mockingbird Farm in Ocala.

Mark E. Casse's wife Tina Casse
Mark E. Casse and Tina Casse met via a mutual friend. Image Source: Camille Casse Instagram.

Mark used to visit Harry, and on the course, the couple encountered one another. Soon after, their relationship blossomed, and within a few years, the duo married. Unfortunately, the marriage timeline of the Casse couple remains a mystery.

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A Proud Mama

Although it is unknown when the Casse couple tied the knot, it must have been many years. In their several years of being husband and wife, the lovebirds share a kid, Colby Casse, together. Mark E. Casse and Tina Casse’s son was born in 2003.

In addition, Mark E. Casse’s spouse has been a devoted and proud mama to his child. Also, Tina Casse’s husband is a proud dad of six other children from his previous two marriages. With his first wife, he shared two children, and with his second wife, Kathleen Patton, he shares a daughter and two sons.

Also, the horse trainer has a daughter from his previous relationship. Mark E. Casse’s children are Cheryl Casse, Norman Casse, Joel Casse, Alex Casse, Camille Casse, Kyle Casse, and Colby Casse. Tina might have a good relationship with them.


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Furthermore, as per The Star, the horse trainer has an adopted son with Tina. So, could Colby be Mark E. Casse’s adopted son? Nonetheless, Mark’s wife and kid are always with him on the road, and the latter studies online except during the September sales. During that time, the couple sent their son home to work with a tutor as they found him too distracted by the sales.

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From Husband-Wife to Business Partners

As mentioned earlier, Mark E. Casse’s wife is a registered nurse. In Crystal River, she used to work at the coronary intensive unit and moved to Ocala, where she began working at the Monroe Regional Medical Center. When the couple first met, she knew nothing about horses.

Now, after all these years, Mrs. Casse knows a lot more; in fact, horses have become the main focus of her life. Following their marriage, Tina Casse’s husband worked as the trainer and manager of operations excelling in preparing young horses for sale at a high profit for the Mockingbird Farm. In addition, she continued her work as a nurse at Monroe Medical.

Then, in 2002, the couple together started Casse Racing. The racing business, on its majority, dealt with training the horses, selling the young horses to maximum profit, and racing the horses on derbies across America and Canada. Mark, having worked as the manager of a racing company before the business, worked in the aspects of marketing and customer base expansion.

Tina Casse’s hubby was responsible for building a string of horses, developing a new client base for the growing company, and partaking in the derbies. As medical personnel, Mark E. Casse’s significant other handled the startup’s operational activities, including financing and maintaining the company’s daily activities and general administration and maintenance activities.

Mark E. Casse’s Wife is His No.1 Supporter

As the love, trust, mutuality, and respect between the Casee couple grew over the years, so did the business. The business at the moment spans America and Canada. Tina, currently assigned to the post of CEO of Casee Racing, is responsible for the smooth operation of the business across two countries. This has enabled Mark to focus his time and energy on horse training, resulting in the multiplication of success.

Mark E. Casse’s other half has significantly contributed to his many successes. She has been a source of inspiration for him, and he is often thankful for everything she does. All in all, the Casse pair seems to be doing well. We hope their days are filled with abundant happiness and bliss.

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