5 Facts About Peter Thiel’s Husband Matt Danzeisen

Peter Thiel husband Matt DanzeisenPeter Thiel married Matt Danzeisen in 2017. Image Source: Social Media.

Almost no one over the world is anonymous about one of the greatest minds, Peter Thiel. He is the German-American billionaire venture capitalist and an entrepreneur. He is the man who guided PayPal from a highly risky uncertain dot-com to an extremely stable established high gross margin business. Currently, Peter serves as the co-owner of PayPal, Palantir Technologies, and Founders Fund.

Keeping the professional career of Peter Thiel aside, today, we are here to talk about his personal life. He is in a marital relationship since 2017. And, the lucky person to be called Peter Thiel’s husband is none other than Matt Danzeisen.

Here, in this article, familiarize yourself with some unknown facts on Peter Thiel’s husband, Matt Danzeisen.

Matt Danzeisen’s Family And Education

The famed star Matt Danzeisen’s exact date of birth is not available at the moment as the personal details of him is behind the curtain for now. However, it is clear that Danzeisen was born in the United States and grew up there with his family.

There is no news disclosing any details of Matt’s parents’ identity to date. Moreover, Peter and his husband, Matt, have not disclosed whether Matt has any siblings or not.

Talking about the education of Matt, nothing much is within easy reach of the public. However, considering the kind of places Matt worked and his post in his profession, it is understandable that he is a well-educated man.

We hope Peter and his beloved Matt might reveal some more about Matt’s childhood and family later.

Danzeisen Has Experience Working In Various Companies

In past years, Danzeisen provided his service in various prestigious organizations, including BlackRock, which is a famous American global investment management corporation. As per the record of some sources, Matt was the portfolio manager at the BlackRock Company. Later, he joined the Bank of American Securities as an investment banker.

Peter Thiel husband Matt Danzeisen
Matt Danzeisen works in his spouse’s company. Image Source: Social Media.

In the present, with all the experiences at previous companies, Peter Thiel’s husband, Matt, teamed up at Thiel Capital. Thiel Capital was set up by Matt’s husband, Peter back in 2011, which provides operational support for Thiel’s investment initiatives and entrepreneurial endeavors.

As much as we know, Matt works in his partner’s company. However, his specific role in the business is not defined.

Married To Peter Thiel Since 2017

Matt Danzeisen was a normal American man going about his business and building his career quietly. However, his life drastically changed when he was linked up with the political activist, Peter Thiel.

Matt came into limelight when the headlines of his marriage to Thiel spread like wildfire in 2017. At first, there were gossips about the two men dating. But, when the news formally came out that the duo married, it surprised all Peter Thiel’s closed ones and fans. Most of the people thought that they were celebrating Thiel’s 50th birthday. Moreover, the ones who used to think Peter was straight and not gay were more startled.

The precise date the couple began their romantic life is a mystery, but they took the wedding vows in Vienna, a city in Austria. The two love-birds continue to enjoy their married life since then. Over three years, there are no rumors regarding their disunion or similar issues.

Matt Danzeisen’s Net Worth

After connecting with Peter Thiel’s world, many are wondering about the current net worth of his husband, Matt Danzeisen. Looking at his experiences, one can expect Matt Danzeisen’s net worth to be of great amount.

Matt might have collected an impressive sum of money from the companies he worked before joining Thiel Capital. Besides, according to Simplyhired, Thiel Capital employees get an average of $81,671 per year. Danzeisen might receive a similar payment from the company or possibly even more than that.

Furthermore, Matt’s better-half, Peter Thiel, is one of the billionaires with a net worth of $2.5 billion. Being a husband of such a wealthy person, Matt is living a lavish life. Moreover, Peter might give him expensive presents on special occasions, which adds up to his assets.

Matt Prefers A Life Away From Media Paparazzi

The Board Member of Facebook, Peter, and his husband Matt, both prefer to live a healthy life far from the curious eyes of media. Being a public figure, Peter could not skip the paparazzi most of the time, but it’s a no-no for Matt. He does his best to keep himself away from the spotlight.

There are no social media pages registered in the name of Matt Danzeisen. Not only Matt, but also Peter is mute on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram sites. It seems both Matt and Peter do not like to open up much about their personal life. There are hardly any photos of Matt within easy reach of the public. Let’s hope; the happily married couple may talk and display their life a little openly.

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