5 Facts About Tony Campisi, Including His Net Worth, He Is Kathy Bates’ Ex-Husband

Kathy Bates ex-husband Tony CampisiKathy Bates ex-husband Tony Campisi is a private person. Image Source: Social Media.

Tony Campisi is best-known for his works on Spider-Man 2, Law & Order: Criminal Content, etc. Since starting his career in the early 90s, he has appeared in several shows, including Brooklyn Bridge, The Countdown Has Begun, and found immense fame.

Since he has been involved in the entertainment industry for decades, he has amassed many fans both on and off screens. Also, did you know he was married to actress and director Kathy Bates for six years? Here are five facts about Kathy Bates’ ex-husband, Tony Campisi, including his net worth and relationship details.

Dated Kathy Bates For 13 Years Before Marriage

As stated earlier, Tony Campisi was married to Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates. The former couple was together for almost two decades before parting ways in the late 90s. Let’s have a little flashback before diving into their marriage.

Very little is known about his relationship with his former partner, Kathy Bates. However, they were together for 13 years before exchanging vows. According to various sites, Campisi met his former partner via mutual friends who set them up by providing them tickets to a play. They bonded instantly and began their romantic journey for about 13 years before announcing their engagement. Besides their off-screen romance, the former duo also worked as lovers on Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune.

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Divorced Within 6 Years of Marriage

Kathy Bates and Tony Campisi, the former couple, dated for over a decade before walking down the aisle in April 1991. The former lovebirds married the same year Bates won an Oscar for her role in Misery.

Unfortunately, their marriage was not as fulfilling as their relationship. If you are a fan of Tony and Bates, you surely know that Kathy was an accomplished actress while Tony was a budding actor. Furthermore, Tony rose to fame as Kathy Bates’ husband and later shined brighter as an actor.

Kathy Bates' ex-husband Tony Campisi
Kathy and Tony divorced after 6 years of marriage and decade long relationship. Image Source: Social Media.

However, the Campisi couple’s relationship strained once they got married. One of the critical reasons for their distance was their evolving career as actors. According to the New York Times, Campisi confessed that things were thrown at a new speed after Bates won an Academy Award. Despite trying hard to maintain a spark in their relationship, they struggled to prioritize their relationship over careers.

As a result, the couple split after only six years of marriage. The couple finally divorced in 1997 and never welcomed kids. Well, Kathy Bates’ husband, Tony Campisi, still maintains privacy while she continues to work in movies.

Tony Campisi’s Net Worth Is Substantial

Aforementioned, Tony Campisi was a budding actor when he tied knots with Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates. Furthermore, despite living a secluded life, he appeared in several movies that proliferated his net worth massively.

It is a rare occasion for a private person to boast his wealth publicly. Therefore, Tony Campisi’s net worth is a secret. However, given the number of movies and appearances he’s made, Campisi’s wealth must be substantial. Well, as for Tony’s ex-wife, Kathy Bates’ net worth is estimated to be $20 million.

According to Tony Campisi’s IMDb, he has around twenty credits as an actor. He has worked in movies and tv-series like Blue Bloods, Accidents, Cruzando, Ally McBeal, Green Plaid Shirt, A Home of Our Own, etc. Therefore, the earnings from these works massively affect his wealth.

Furthermore, Campisi might have collected an impressive sum as a divorce settlement, which ultimately increased his earnings.

Tony Campisi Is A Private Person

Fame comes at the great expense of ones’ privacy. However, few celebrities have managed to keep their life private, including Kathy Bates’ ex-husband, Tony Campisi. He stays away from social media and has managed to avoid media scrutiny for years.

Furthermore, Kathy Bates‘ ex-husband, Tony Campisi, continues to live in private unbothered by the public queries. He maintains a secluded life since his divorce from his long-term partner, Kathy Bates.

Apart from his love for privacy, one more piece of information about Bates’ ex-husband, Tony, is that he loves motorcycles. According to IMDb, he is an avid motorcyclist. And while the information seems trivial, it helps us picture the talented actor in a different light.

Tony Campisi Died?

For many years, various sources suggested that Kathy Bates’ ex-husband, Tony Campisi, died on March 7, 2010, in Texas at age 67. Furthermore, he was believed to have died after a brain hemorrhage.

However, after searching through the web to confirm the news, we found out that it was not Bates’s former husband, Tony Campisi, who had died of a brain hemorrhage. Rather it was the famous Jazz musician Anthony Sebastian Campise, best known as Tony Campise who lost his life due to the terrible condition. After an accident outside Corpus Christi, where he hit the back of his head in October 2009, the popular American musician never recovered and sadly said goodbye to the world in March 2010.

Looking at the similarity between the two names, it is no surprise that people mistook Jazz musician Tony Campise’s death as actor Tony Campisi’s. While it is heartbreaking that the Jazz world lost a talented musician in 2010, we are happy to inform you that Kathy Bates’ former spouse is healthy and living his best life. However, we hope to see or hear from him shortly to shut down the rumors for once and all.

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