Adrienne Rodriguez Was James Brown’s Wife Till Her Last Breath

James Brown's Wife, Adrienne RodriguezJames Brown's Wife, Adrienne Rodriguez remained married until her last breathe. Image Source: Social media.

James Brown was a multi-talented person who sang and danced and worked as a record producer and bandleader. Well, the legacy of a musician lasts way longer than anyone anticipated. Still, the progenitor of funk music, James, is often referred to by honorific names like  ‘Godfather of Soul,’ ‘My Dynamite,’ etc.

With a career that lasted over half a century, James influenced several music genres. Although Brown was a celebrated music icon, his personal life was a mess. He married four different women, two of which saw a tragic end, and his third wife died of heart failure.

Therefore, here, we shall be tailing James Brown’s wife, Adrienne Rodriguez. We shall also look into her death as some interesting facts surfaced in 2017. Therefore, stick until the end to know if the mystery is solved or still a puzzle.

Was Married To James Brown For 12 Years

Love is bizarre, and infatuation is odd; but if you mix those up and end up with the wrong person, one might lose their conscience and some, even their lives. Maybe, not the correct way to start; ‘James Brown and his late wife, Adrienne Rodriguez, were married for twelve whole years since 19984 or until she died in 1996.’

Music mogul James Brown married four different women, and all of those stories are interesting. However, his third marriage with Adrienne Lois Rodriguez was rather amusing.

The former couple, Adrienne and James, met in 1984 and married shortly after. There aren’t many details about the couple’s relationship, but it sure was a tumultuous one. Marriage requires two people to understand, love, and support one another, but James Brown’s marriage with Adrienne was plagued by his childhood trauma, drug abuse, and domestic violence.

As a result, their marriage made several headlines throughout the years. Moreover, Brown’s wife, Rodriguez, even filed for divorce, citing years of ‘cruelty treatment’ in 1988. However, they reconciled and remained married until Adrienne Rodriguez’s death, which remains a conspiracy even today.

Although Adrienne and James had a difficult marriage, she believed that the pair were in love. On multiple occasions, she even defended her husband, continued to support him and clashed with people who controlled her partner.

Despite the love, Brown accused James of beating her and even agreed on photographing her bruises. She later denied the allegations and brushed it off as a publicity stunt.

Well then, we shall shade lights later on, but for now, let’s look into the charges Adrienne filed against her late husband. Also, did you know she was arrested thrice on drug charges?

Vanishing Reports

Somethings are just too unfortunate to even note down. Some of it is James Brown and Adrienne Rodriguez’s marriage. Their relationship was chaos filled with drugs and domestic abuse.

According to CNN, James Brown’s late spouse made multiple complaints regarding domestic violence. Furthermore, Adrienne called the Aiken County Sheriff’s office to report that her husband, James, ran her out of the residence at gunpoint and threw her clothing out into the yard.

Moreover, the complainant states that the subject was high on drugs and fired the rifle at Adrienne as she left the residence. Another call on was to file a charge against James as he had beaten her with a metal pipe. Additionally, an investigator also noted the victim’s bruises all over her body.

The investigator found a hole in her tire, a bullet in the trunk, and a witness who confessed to seeing James Brown pull the trigger. After the witness told one dispatcher that James was loading a gun at the end of his driveway, he was arrested with a charge of assault with intent to murder.

While Adrienne confided with Jacque, she finally revealed why the case against her husband had disappeared. While in the conversation, she further said that she was threatened to either drop the charges or be killed. Moreover, Adrienne also remarked that her husband had gangsters, private investigators, and police officers on the payroll. She further clarified that the team would make sure nothing got in James Brown’s way.

Thus, the disappearing charges were pretty disturbing and inflicted more violence on James Brown’s wife, Adrienne Brown. Besides having a tumultuous relationship with her husband, she was also arrested for multiple drug charges.

Died At Age 47

The unexpected death of James Brown’s wife, Adrienne Brown, was astounding and remains quite controversial. She died on January 6, 1996, at Century City Hospital; while undergoing cosmetic surgery.

An autopsy was done, but Lt. Deborah Peterson refused to release the result. Although there was no trace of foul play initially, the refusal to release the statement raised speculations. Furthermore, Adrienne Brown’s online obituary also says that she died of heart failure during cosmetic surgery. The initial findings also showed early signs of heart disease.

James Brown seemed heartbroken after losing his wife and mourned for several days.

Although Adrienne has now passed away for over two decades, her friend, Jacque, insisted that she was murdered and her death was not just a medical accident.

Died Of Heart Failure or Was Murdered?

As promised earlier, here we shall scrutinize why Adrienne Brown’s friend speculate it was a murder and not just a medical issue.

While the world accepted James Brown’s wife, Adrienne Brown’s death as a medical condition, her friend, Jacque Hollander, always suspected a foul play. She kept calling the police in Beverly Hills even after two decades of losing her friend.

James Brown's Wife, Adrienne Rodriguez
Adrienne Rodriguez’s friend, Jacque Hollander does not believe she died of a heart attack. Image Source: Social Media.

While going through details, we found out that CNN had distributed James Brown’s story and his partner’s death into three parts. According to the report, Jacque Hollander reveals that she had always feared for Adrienne’s life since 1988 when they met in Augusta, Georgia. They further talked about how complaints disappeared against James Brown, and Jacque confessed that her friend’s husband raped her at ‘gunpoint.’

Jacque further recalled losing all the documents against James. She also remembers trying to meet a prosecutor while Adrienne lay docile in a hospital bed, bruised all over. Likewise, she also recalls meeting a man named Steve, who later vanished in the thin air. He was persistent about getting a drink with her, so she went with him. According to Jacque, she took a sip of whiskey, and she blacked out.

Jacque remembers another man, Brian holding a newspaper that read about Adrienne Brown’s death. She then recalls Steve telling her, ‘It was you or her’, and she still wonders why Brian and Steve let her go. Hollander further said that she never saw the men again after she flew to Atlanta.

The wide-ranging investigation further includes Kay Mixon, a domestic violence advocate in Aiken County who knew Adrienne. She also alleges that Brown had something to do with Adrienne’s death.

An Old Spiral Notebook

Adrienne’s friend, Jacque, further revealed that someone would kill her to keep her quiet and thus suspected of being taped in 2017. But she was adamant about finding justice. Therefore, she tracked down retired prosecutor, Steve Miller who dug out a notebook. He noticed phrases like ‘murder for hire‘ and ‘make it look like an overdose.

Moreover, the spiral notebook came from a woman Jacque never knew and independently verified her doubts. Furthermore, the informant claimed to understand what had been done to Mrs. Adrienne Brown, but the informant died before she could testify.

According to the retired detective, Steve Miller, a woman named Linda Bennett had left him a package at the station that included her notes. In July 2017, after hearing from Jacque, he read the notebook where the late prostitute had described a relationship with a doctor in 1996.

Linda named the doctor and alleged that the doctor confessed to murdering James Brown’s partner. She also wrote that the doctor admitted and then tried to kill her. CNN did not reveal his name as he wasn’t listed as a suspect.

After going through Linda Benett’s notebook, Steve paid a visit to the doctor diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. He heard what the notebook had to say, denied, and went inside, never to be questioned again.

Later, James Brown’s fourth wife, Tomi Rae Hynie, said more to Adrienne’s death. She told Steve that her late husband had told her about Adrienne coming out fine after her surgery but was last visited by a drug dealer who then introduced PCP to her system. As per New York Times, Hynie is not legally married to Brown since she had failed to annul her previous marriage.

Well, what went inside the room can only be revealed by Adrienne or the murderer. Else, we might have to suffice in Linda Bennett’s notebook, Jacque’s speculations, and Tomi Rae Hynie’s words.

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