AJ Lambert Is Married To Husband John Paparazzi And Has A Child

AJ Lambert's Husband John PaparazziAJ Lambert's Husband John Paparazzi is an actor and set decorator. Image Source: AJ's Instagram.

Born to Frank Sinatra‘s daughter, Nancy Sinatra and Hugh Lambert, AJ Lambert has managed to make a massive name in the musical world independently. She uniquely continued her grandfather’s legacy.

Besides having a thriving career in the entertainment industry, she is also a happily married woman. We might have talked about Nancy Sinatra’s daughter, AJ Lambert’s works, and contribution in keeping Frank’s legacy alive but very little is known about her personal life.

Thus, here is everything about AJ Lambert’s husband, John Paparazzi, and his whereabouts in an attempt to shed light on her private life.

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AJ Lambert’s Spouse, John Paparazzi Is A Set Decorator

Aforementioned, Frank Sinatra’s granddaughter, AJ Lambert, is enjoying a blissful marital life with her spouse, John Paparazzi. Furthermore, their married life is conspicuously secretive.

According to John Paparazzi’s IMDb, he is an actor and set decorator known for Go Jimmy Go and That Brief Moment. Furthermore, he has both acting and set decorator credit for That Brief Moment.

Unfortunately, not much is know about AJ Lambert’s partner John Paparazzi. Although he rose to fame through his beau, he prefers his privacy over publicity. Hence, there is nothing much about his whereabouts.

Although John is massively private, he is still married to one of the most influential musicians, Frank Sinatra’s granddaughter.

Private Marital Life

Aforementioned, AJ Lambert’s husband, John Paparazzi, has secretive nature and prefers to keep his life confidential. Furthermore, being married to the granddaughter of one of the most successful singers of the 20th century, AJ and John’s marital life was bound to be one of the hot topics.

However, the Paparazzi couple has managed to maintain their confidentiality massively. The actual paparazzi seem to have given up their hopes to find the couple in action.

Moreover, John Paparazzi’s wife, AJ Lambert Paparazzi, is notoriously private and shares very little about her marital life. Well, after being exposed to the media from a very young age, she must have understood the mechanism and became well-versed in calculatingly hiding her personal life.

AJ Lambert's Husband John Paparazzi
AJ Lambert and her husband, John Paparazzi, are incredibly secretive about their marital life. Image Source: AJ’s Instagram.

Hence, the marriage of AJ Lambert and John Paparazzi is meticulously preserved. Despite maintaining distance from the unwanted exposure, they must have held an intimate yet posh wedding. Although their wedding dates aren’t confirmed, they are together for quite some time.

As of now, the Paparazzi couple is also embracing parenthood as they welcomed a baby girl in 2013.

Father Of A Daughter

Science says the ideal age to conceive is between women’s late 20s and early 30s. However, the pregnancy after 35 puts women in the AMA category. What is AMA, you might ask? It’s ‘advanced maternal age.’ YES, ladies, it’s a little scary, but successful pregnancy is still common.

However, John Paparazzi’s wife, AJ Lambert, did not let the label intimidate her and welcomed her first child, a baby girl, at age 39. The Paparazzi couple held their daughter, Miranda Vega Paparazzi, on May 26, 2013.

When we say AJ Lambert is selectively private, she chooses what to share with her 1000+ Instagram followers. Hence, she has managed to share small details about her daughters previously.


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A post shared by AJ Lambert (@aj.lambert)

It looks like AJ Lambert’s daughter is a converse gal. AJ once uploaded a picture of her and Miranda’s shows side-by-side, captioning, “Her new ones are making mine look bad.”

Likewise, AJ has also posted a few more videos and pictures of the mother-daughter’s quality time. Thus, it seems like AJ and Miranda are close. Although John doesn’t appear on Lambert’s posts and probably stays away from social media, he might still have a good bond with his baby girl.

Well, it’s a bummer to know AJ Lambert’s husband, John Paparazzi, very vaguely. But we do hope to hear more of him and his career updates in the future.

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