From Aphrodite to Beyonce: Revealing the Goddesses in Today’s Female Celebrities

Greek Goddess in female celebsSource: Pexels

Ancient Greece was the birthplace of many values that people still follow today. Especially here, the cult of beauty and health was revered. The ideal of female beauty was embodied in the goddesses. The most important God, they considered Zeus, ruled all the gods and goddesses and people. He was impressed by the beauty of many goddesses, and many of them became his mistresses.

The image of Greek goddesses lives on in the minds of people today. Many modern women aspire to their image. Goddesses are beautiful and strong. They have their own strength, which they follow, and do not know the dictates of external circumstances.

In every woman, there is a program that determines her destiny and life position, the main priorities. With each woman, you can associate a certain image of a goddess. This is especially well manifested in celebrities. They look good; they are strong in spirit – like real goddesses.

Images of Greek goddesses and images of modern women celebrities

In ancient Greece, each goddess was different from each other. Each has its own characteristics and positive and negative qualities. Many modern famous women look like real Greek goddesses. They include, for example, Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, and many others.

These goddesses are different from each other. Each one of them has her own positive qualities and her own potentially negative ones.

The image of female beauty was particularly influenced by Aphrodite. Today, many modern beauties are compared to her. She had an invaluable influence on Greek society. She brought harmony into the world. Aphrodite was the daughter of Zeus. She was the guardian of happy love and marriage and surpassed all the goddesses in charm and grace. 

In the myths of ancient Rome, Aphrodite was Venus. A woman in love exhibits those qualities that appear in the Aphrodite archetype. A woman has the ability to enjoy love, beauty, and sensuality. 

If the Aphrodite archetype dominates in a woman, she has a special magnetism and is able to win the heart of anyone. This is the most beautiful goddess to whose image many women aspire.

Modern Women Aspire to Goddesses

Another famous goddess of ancient Greece is Athena. She had no mother, as she came out of the head of Zeus. Athena represented intelligence, science, and art. Many women are as intelligent as Athena.

Persephone was the goddess who was the lord of the underworld. The modern woman who exhibits the traits of Persephone is very perceptive.

Artemis: A goddess who is characterized by strength of spirit. She always achieves everything she wants. The most important thing for her is the feeling of freedom. For her, there are no boundaries. She loves traveling and doing sports. She always stands up for her opinions.

Gesta: This is a truly holistic woman. She has a very rich inner world. It is very well developed. She doesn’t even have the desire to express herself in her career, so her inner world replaces that. She is individual and self-sufficient. She doesn’t seem to have any flaws.

Demeter: According to the myths, she is the goddess of fertility. Her image: it is the image of motherhood, nurturer, and mother. Her purpose: to nurture and patronize. Demeter has a very strong bond with her daughter Persephone. The role of the mother for her is self-realization.

Hera: is the goddess of marriage. She is the symbol and guardian of the home and family. She is gorgeous, regal, and beautiful. In her life, there was respect and abuse, reverence and humiliation.

The Greek goddesses were sung by the peacemakers and singers of ancient Greece. They were benevolent goddesses who bestowed creation. They were the embodiment of the unity of body, mind, and spirit.

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