Actor Brian Baumgartner’s Teeth Are In Perfect Shape, Are They Natural?

Brian Baumgartner's TeethBrian Baumgartner's teeth was of great concern amongst his fans. Image Source: Brian's Instagram.

Actor/director Brian Baumgartner rose to fame from his role, Kevin Malone, in the American sitcom, The Office. Furthermore, the versatile actor continues to amaze his fans with amazing shows.

Besides acting, Brian Baumgartner’s teeth are quite famous too. One of the most asked questions to Baumgartner is about his teeth. Therefore, let’s look more into Brian Baumgartner’s perfect set of teeth and a few other questions concerning his health.

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What Happened To Brian Baumgartner’s Teeth?

Frankly, NOTHING! Nothing has happened to Brian Baumgartner’s teeth. He has one of the best dental that allows him to share the ever-green infectious smile in the entertainment industry.

Furthermore, Brian is often compared to the grown-up version of Gaten Matarazzo and speculates why he looked toothless. Well, it sounds like an innocent concern of Baumgartner’s fans.


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Unlike Brian, Gaten Matarazzo has Cleidocranial Dysplasia (CCD), a genetic condition that affects bone development, including collar bone and teeth. Thankfully, Brian does not have it or not that he talked about. So, there’s nothing much to worry about Brian Baumgartner’s teeth as they are perfectly well and natural.

Moreover, Brian is very active on Instagram. It’s filled with Brian Baumgartner’s big bright, smiley selfies. This wasn’t the first time Brian was mistaken to have a disease.

Brian Baumgartner’s Friend Mistook Him Of Having Degenerative Disease

A thing about fame is that it demands a lot of energy and inconvenient details of a person. Like Brian Baumgartner’s teeth became one of the grand queries amongst his fans, he was speculated to have a particular disease when he was 13.

Originally from Atlanta, Georgia, Brian was into sports and got had the necessary surgery to continue playing baseball. As a result, he ended up going over a year from a wheelchair.

Furthermore, during an interview, Brian talked about how his friend thought he had some degenerative disease the whole time.

Brian Baumgartner's Teeth
Brian Baumgartner’s friend assumed he had a degenerative disease. Image Source: Brian’s Instagram.

Well, these sorts of assumptions are pretty much like a passing air as it comes and goes. Above all, Brian is excellent, and his teeth are too. Therefore, let’s not get too concerned about it.

Besides being in the spotlight for his role as Kevin, Brian has been actively working on several other projects. Moreover, his fame is growing with every significant undertaking, and more speculations might come his way.

But The Office actor is not only a versatile actor but is a loving father of two kids and a caring husband to wife, Celeste Ackelson. Hence, let’s not get stuck on things like teeth because Brian is a good-looking guy, nonetheless.

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