Christijan Albers’ Wife Liselore Kooijman, Any Kids Together? Married Since 2006

Christijan Albers' Wife Liselore KooijmanChristijan Albers' Wife Liselore Kooijman is a superbly private person. Image Source: Flickr.

The Dutch professional racing driver, Christijan Albers, rose to fame after his success in the DTM, and he drove in Formula One from 2005 until the 2007 British Grand Prix. He later acted as Team Principal and CEO of the Caterham F1 for a few months in 2014.

Albers is not just a successful racing driver but also a happily married man to Liselore Kooijman. The Albers pair have been married since 2006 and are still maintaining a solid bond. Well, the Albers couple is incredibly private and is keeping their wedding details to themselves.

Therefore, find out everything about Christijan Albers’ wife, Liselore Kooijman, and her whereabouts.

Spectacularly Private Person

When one marries an international personality, s/he also marries the fame and that, my PEOPLE, makes privacy liberty. However, very few manage to maintain privacy and ground their personal information grounded. One among them is the gorgeous Christijan Albers’ wife, Liselore Kooijman.

Liselore is a very secretive person and prefers to keep her life confidential. She is likely to stay away from Facebook and shares 1,394 posts amongst her 100+ Instagram followers. Maybe, Mrs. Albers likes to keep her business to herself.

Furthermore, Albers’ spouse’s Instagram’s bio reads, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”- Aristotle.” Well, Liselore is reportedly the daughter of Spyker financier Roel Kooijman. Other than this little piece of information, she became well-versed in keeping her personal life private.

Despite maintaining utter silence about her whereabouts, Liselore still accompanies her husband to important races. The pair spend an ample amount of time together, and they seemingly made a pact to keep their marital life a private matter since both of them keep their distance from social media.

Besides keeping the majority of her life to herself, Liselore attempted to write a Pump in de pits book based on her experience as a Formula One driver’s wife.

Author of Novel, Pumps in de pits

As mentioned earlier, Christijan Albers’ sweetheart is a secretive person. But, she could not wait but share her insight on how F1 looks like from the eye of the racing driver’s wife. Thus, after three years of experience as Christijan Albers’ partner and accompanying him in events, she wrote the book, Pumps in de pits.

During an interview, Liselore shared how her interest in wording her experience sparked. Upon asked how she came up with the idea to write a book, she revealed that her understanding of so many unique moments with her husband intrigued her.

Moreover, Liselore also added that Formula 1 is much more than what people see on the television, and so much more happens before the lights turn green. Hence, Christijan Albers’ spouse wanted the world to witness the F1 through the woman’s eyes.

Likewise, Liselore was also asked if the life of a real driver’s wife is comparable to that of the fictional character, to which she replied, ‘it is indeed comparable.’ However, one of the book reviews defies her statement. According to a reader’s review from Goodreads, he pointed out that Mrs. Albers was an authoritative source when it was about the functioning of sports politics.

But, the reviewer also pointed out that Liselore appeared ignorant in many other aspects. The person also added that she finds it ‘utterly normal’ that people live in extreme luxury. Also, the character’s intellect/status was dictated by the brand she wears.

While a reader criticized a few unrealistic approaches to Liselore’s book, another reader described it as an ‘effortless read.’ Well, Liselore Albers’ book did receive a good response overall. For now, let’s see where it all started for the couple.

Married In 2006

Aforementioned, professional racing driver Christijan Albers’ Wife Liselore Kooijman is an exceptionally private person. She has successfully buried her details away from the world.

According to Chick Lit, the Albers couple met in 2000. There aren’t many details of the pair’s relationship, but after a few years of courtship, they wedded in 2006. Friends and families only intimately surrounded the ceremony.

Unfortunately, the Albers couple is the master of privacy and hence managed to bury their life after marriage. However, Liselore did not stop appearing during her husband’s races.

Christijan Albers' Wife Liselore Kooijman
Christijan Albers and Liselore Kooijman got married in 2006. Image Source: Wikipedia.

Furthermore, Christijan Albers’ wife, Liselore Albers, consciously chose to travel the world with him as a full-time driver’s wife. When asked which place she was most and least impressed with during her travel years, she replied, ‘Japan and China can’t be compared at all with a place like Bahrain.’

Liselore also put the Netherlands to her favorite destinations but would never want to go back to the Magnicourt in France. She described the place as ‘the least romantic, least attractive place to go.’

Well, the Albers couple traveled the world together, and their adorable children also joined them.

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Mother Of Two Kids

As mentioned earlier, Christijan and Liselore Albers traveled and took their children together. Like the rest of their lives, the pair hid the details about their children’s arrival as well.

Luckily we do know Liselore gave birth to her kids, Christijan Jr. and Jimmie. There are no further details about the kids’ whereabouts, but they sure are enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

While talking to Chick Lit, Liselore revealed that Christijan is somewhat nervous about his son entering the F1 world. She also added that Chris often says, “We put a ball or a tennis racket in his hands, and that’s it.”

However, Liselore admitted that she could not oversee her kid choosing anything at the time. Well, maybe now she sees as the kids must have grown significantly now. Well, whatever choices Liselore and Christijan Albers’ children make, they would be supportive of him.

Diagnosed With Esophageal Cancer

Former Formula 1 driver Christijan Albers’ wife Liselore Kooijman was told that she has esophageal cancer at the end of 2012.

According to RTL Boulevard, Liselore had the first radiation and chemo in early 2013. Thus, after a good recovery from the chemo and radiation, an operation was planned.

It was revealed that Liselore’s operation was very heavy and took a while as they removed her esophagus and inserted a tube. A couple of days later, she was sent home.

As of now, Christijan Albers’ wife, Liselore Albers, must have recovered significantly. Yet, she chose to lead a private life, and hence we might as well respect that.

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