Who Is Conor Maynard’s Girlfriend Now? Was In A Relationship With His Ex-Girlfriend Victoria Tansey

Conor Maynard's love life

Singer and YouTuber, Conor Maynard is very likely to be single nowadays. Most of Conor’s fans and followers are very confused about his love affairs and relationship status. He has not revealed anything about his love-life so his love status is probably a confidential one.

However, Conor was in a loving relationship with his ex-girlfriend named Victoria Tansey. The 26-year-old singer romantically dated Victoria. The pair officially started to see each other in 2013. But their love could not past the track and had to end in September 2018 which was a mutual one.

Conor Maynard’s Break-up With Ex-girlfriend, Victoria Tansey

Like most of the relationships have to go through various obstacles and difficulties, they may have had the same which they could handle no more. Conor saw the gorgeous Victoria for the very first time during a photo shoot. As said earlier, the pair started to date from August 2013.

Conor Maynard and Victoria Tansey
The beautiful pair of Conor Maynard and Victoria Tansey during the start of their relationship. Image Sources: Mirror.

It seemed as if the pair were totally made for each other and meant to be together. The singer even told Mirror that he was totally in love with his girlfriend and referring her as the one for him. He and Victoria had a blooming love relationship for over 5 years.


Conor Maynard's ex-girlfriend
Conor Maynard and Victoria Tansey had a mutual break-up in September 2018. Image Sources: Pinterest.

But it seems neither of them could handle their problems whilst being in a relationship. So, the singer broke up with Victoria in September 2018 which was a mutual one.

Conor Maynard’s Current Dating And Relationship Status

The British singer is possibly single and it seems as though he is having loads of fun in his life. The handsome Conor seems to be not in a relationship with anyone at the moment.

Also, going through his Instagram account, we can assume that his life has unlimited excitement and gratifications. Conor Maynard has pretty much moved on with his life after he broke up with his ex-girlfriend, Victoria.


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Perhaps he is taking a break and enjoying the life while contained in a single life. From the other point of view, he might be already dating someone pretty but is not ready to open up in the public…who knows?

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