The Lukas Family: How D. Wayne Lukas’ Grandchildren are Keeping the Family Close?

D. Wayne Lukas' familyD. Wayne Lukas' family. Image Source: Facebook.

Human beings are social animals, and they cannot exist alone. Everyone is familiar with this fact, and because of that, we live with our family and society.

While we are on the topic of family, here we present you the article focusing on D. Wayne Lukas‘ family. Let’s know more about his kids and grandkids.

Have Been Through Four Failed Marriages

  • D. Wayne Lukas, the American horse trainer, is induced into the U.S. Racing Hall of Fame.
  • Although he has been succeeding in his career throughout, his previous marriages do not say so.
  • The horse trainer has been married five times.
  • His first wife was Janet Lukas, and not much is known about his second and third marriages.
  • After the third marriage failed, Lukas got married to Laura Pinelli in Las Vegas in April 1998.
  • Unfortunately, D. Wayne Lukas’ fourth marriage too did not work, and they divorced.

Happily Married to His Fifth Wife

The horse trainer eventually found love again after divorcing his fourth wife, Laura. After the divorce, when asked what he’d do when he turned 80, he revealed about dating younger women.

Lukas indeed met a girl 17 years younger than him, and that is Laurie Krause. The couple met through friends, and they ended up having a special relationship with one another.

On December 10, 2013, the lovebirds walked down the aisle. The pair gush about one another and are madly in love with one another.

D. Wayne Lukas' wife
D. Wayne Lukas’ wife. Image Source: Facebook.

Furthermore, D. Wayne Lukas’ wife, Laurie Lukas, who is a well-known judge and teacher in Western and English performance events, especially in the Quarter Horse breed, knows horses well.

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Tragic Death of His Son

With his first wife, Janet, D. Wayne welcomed a son, Jeffrey Wayne Lukas, on November 29, 1957. Besides him, it is not known if the horse trainer has any other kids.

D. Wayne Lukas’ son followed in his footsteps and worked as an assistant trainer for him. Just shy of graduating college, Jeff decided to join his old man.

To build the foundation of what would eventually become the top-ranked father-son-run Thoroughbred Racing Stable in the world, Jeff played an important role.

A great horseman and mentor to many, D. Wayne Lukas’ baby boy suffered a life-threatening accident due to a horse.

In December 1993, junior Lukas suffered a life-threatening brain injury while trying to stop a loose prize thoroughbred, Tobasco Cat. It crashed into Lukas and threw him into the air.

When Jeff landed on the concrete, his skull was fractured, resulting in a bad brain injury, which left him in a coma for many weeks.

By a miracle, D. Wayne’s kid’s cognitive and physical abilities improved rapidly at first. But at the same time, his brain and his body did not recover fully, resulting in a different life.

After it was clear that Jeff’s disabilities were extremely severe for him to be safe around horses at all, he moved to Atoka, Oklahoma, in 2007 and began working for David Burrage, owner of the First Bank there.

D. Wayne Lukas’ baby boy lived a quiet life there until his demise in March 2016. It might have been difficult for the Lukas family to lose an important person in their lie.

Jeff Is Survived By His Two Kids And Ex-Wife

D. Wayne Lukas’ child, Jeff Lukas, was married to Linda Lukas. Unfortunately, the timeline of their marital life remains a mystery.

In their marital life, Jeff and Linda welcomed two kids. D. Wayne Lukas’ grandchildren are Kelly Lukas and Brady Wayne Lukas.

D. Wayne Lukas’ granddaughter, Kelly Lukas Roy, works as a Physician Assistant at Kentuckiana Rheumatology. She went to Humboldt State University.

There, Kelly earned a Bachelor of Science in Cell/Cellular and Molecular Biology in 2015. For her graduate program, she attended Sullivan University.

Kelly, who has a Master’s degree in Physician Assistant Studies from Sullivan, is happily married to David Roy.

On the other hand, D. Wayne Lukas’ grandson is an Air Force Academy graduate. In May 2022, he was stationed in St.Lois.

In the absence of Jeff, the Lukas family’s connection has grown. The horse trainer is close to Brady, and they are more like father and son than grandfather and grandchild.

All in all, D. Wayne Lukaas’ family seems to be doing well. We hope they continue enjoying every moment together.

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