Who Is Alexandra Tydings’ Husband Ben Luzzatto? Facts About Him

Alexandra Tydings' husband, Ben LuzzattoAlexandra Tydings' husband, Ben Luzzatto is an interdisciplinary artist. Image Source: Tydings' Facebook.

Alexandra Tydings, born as Alexandra Huntingdon Tydings, is an American actress, director, writer, and activist. Tydings’s a multi-talented woman, best known for her portrayal as Greek goddess Aphrodite on tv series Hercules: The Legendary Journeys

Competitive since childhood, Alexandra has fought her way through acting since 1981. At the age of 47, Tydings is living a fulfilled life as basically everything she loved to do with her partner Ben Luzzatto. The pair has a kid together and has been together since lord knows when. 

You must be curious about who the Aphrodite Alexandra Tydings’ husband, Ben, is and what he is up to these days. So, here is everything about Ben Luzzatto. 

Alexandra Tydings’ Husband, Ben Is An Interdisciplinary Artist 

Actress Alexandra Tydings is a phenomenal actress and talented director. Without a doubt! 

But she married a man with exceptional talent and a unique eye for everything. I.e., Tydings’ husband, Ben Luzzatto, is an interdisciplinary artist. Alike Alexandra’s bold choices of directorial works, her husband, Ben, is not scared to take advantage of materials, neither of the oblivion. 

The artistry ability of Ben Luzzatto is remarkable and has shared his work with several notable names like Evan RocheEric Forman, etc. Diving straight into the artistry and showing insane adaptability and resilience, Ben has created some abnormally beautiful pieces. Some of his works include driftwood sculpture, Dis/Connect Chandelier, etc. 

Furthermore, Tydings’ better half, Ben, must have pursued a career as an interdisciplinary artist for ages to have such refined skills. He not only makes projects himself but also preaches and shares his knowledge with young artisans. 

Ben Luzzatto Is Also A Professor 

Well, What Death Leaves Behind actress Alexandra Tydings’s husband is not only an artist but also a professor. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge graduate, held a master’s degree in visual arts in 2001. 

Ben currently serves as a professor in Interdisciplinary Sculpture at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore since 2004. He further worked at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, for a year from 2003 to 2004. 

Besides holding immense knowledge on turning things, Ben also holds a degree in sociology from Vassar College. Hence, through works, Alexandra Tydings’ husband must have earned a reputation as a genius artist and a knowledgeable professor. 

Comes From Great Family Background 

Despite Ben Luzzatto’s incredible willingness to bury his parents’ whereabouts, their profile and intelligence have no boundary. Furthermore, Alexandra Tydings’ husband, Ben Luzzatto’s mother, Anne Luzzatto, is reportedly a member of the elite Council of Foreign Relations. 

The CFR community boasts many wealthy and influential individuals in the U.S. Luzzatto’s mother, Anne, was married to Francis Luzzatto. Ben’s father, Francis, was a senior officer in the Center of Democracy and Governance. Ben also shares creativity with his father, whose paintings were exhibited at Franz Bader Gallery, Venice, and Rome. 

Alexandra Tydings' husband, Ben Luzzatto
Ben Luzzatto’s parents had some great backgrounds and approaches. Image Source: Anne Luzzatto’s Facebook.

Unfortunately, their marriage ended in divorce after two kids, Benjamin Luzzatto and Marisa Luzzatto

Therefore, Benjamin, aka Ben Luzzatto, must have enjoyed his childhood alongside his sister, Marisa, and equally brilliant step-mom, Tamera Luzzatto. As of now, Ben is a married man and a father of two incredible kids himself. Let’s filter those part of Ben’s life from here on. 

Married Actor/writer, Alexandra Tydings 

Well, a fact not touched about Alexandra Tydings’ husband, Ben Luzzatto, is that he aggressively stays away from social media. Also, the media’s approach. Therefore, there are no details of Tydings’ relationship with Luzzatto. 

Although we do not know much about the pair’s relationship nor a wedding, Luzzatto-Tydings’ relationship is pretty strong and organized. Both Alexandra and Ben have a perfectly balanced relationship as they grew in career and life simultaneously. 

Moreover, the love-birds must have had an intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by friends and families. Unfortunately, they do not share their personal life on social media. Adding to the mystery, Tydings’ spouse is inactive on Instagram since 2017. 

Therefore, we can only hope for the couple to come up and talk about their relationship. Furthermore, Luzzatto is secretive about his life, so let’s hope to hear more of him in the coming days.

Welcomed Three Kids Together

Besides having a balanced wedding, Ben and Alexandra also share three kids. Both Tydings and Luzzatto have big brains, and hence, their kids might inherit their creativity. 

The pair welcomed their first kid, Ruby Luzzatto, on June 17, 2004. Unfortunately, Ruby is away from social media and is growing up, accompanied by her sibling. Tydings’ second daughter, Emerson Luzzatto, in 2006. They also have another child, Maeve Luzzatto.


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As mentioned above, Alexandra and Ben are an expert at keeping things to themselves, and hence, the birth of their second born is a total mystery. However, we do know that the Luzzatto couple is living a loving life as a family.  

In conclusion, knowing things from bones and blood and making a living out of it is a dream that this generation strictly fights for. Well, Alexandra Tydings’ beau was fortunate enough to do that. Let’s hope Ben Luzzatto continue to live doing what he loves, all while loving his life and family. 

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