Top 5 Interesting Facts Of Tomer Capone: Frenchie From The Boys

Facts Of Tomer CaponeFacts Of Tomer Capone. Image Credit: Social Media.

Israeli actor Tomer Capone gained huge fandom over the years after appearing on Amazon Prime Video’s hit series The Boys. He will reprise his role of Frenchie in the upcoming season as well.

Let’s look at some interesting facts of Tomer Capone regarding his personal and professional life. Further, we will also talk about his iconic character, Frenchie, from The Boys series.

5. Early Life And Education – Roots of the Amazing Actor

Tomer was born on July 15, 1985, in Holon, Israel. His parents were business owners. He is the second child in the family.

Interestingly, the Israeli actor is related to acclaimed Israeli director Shay Capon. He was enlisted into the Israeli Defense Forces in 2004 after graduating high school.

Facts Of Tomer Capone
Facts Of Tomer Capone. Image Credit: Instagram.

Similarly, Capone served as a cadet and later became the IDF’s 202nd battalion‘s squad leader of the Paratroopers Brigade.

The Holon native lived in the Hatikva Quarter of Tel Aviv when he was twenty-six. Furthermore, he went to the Yoram Loewenstein Performing Arts Studio for a year to polish his acting prowess.

Capone was one of several actors and film celebrities who signed an open letter to President Joe Biden on the website, congratulating him for his “unshakeable moral conviction” in supporting Israel with military funding and aid.

4. From Galis to The Boys – An Amazing Journey to Stardom

One of the exciting facts of Tomer Capone is that he began his entertainment journey in the Israeli Film Industry. He first appeared in a youth series called Galis in February 2012, portraying Benyamin Berg.

Similarly, the Israeli actor landed his prominent role, a leading role, in the 2013 Israeli drama television series Hostages. He played the role of Guy from 2013 to 2016. During this time, he also made his film debut with A Tale of Love and Darkness, directed by debutant Natalie Portman.

Facts Of Tomer Capone
Facts Of Tomer Capone. Image Credit: Instagram.

Moreover, from 2016 to 2019, Capone graced the silver screen four times in One Week and a Day, Entebbe, Wedding Doll, and one more. Further, he took on seven more television series before signing on to play Frenchie on The Boys.

Tomer’s involvement in the hit series was announced in June 2018, and he has been occupying the role for nearly five years as of March 2024.

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3. Another Interesting Facts of Tomer Capone – Love Life With A Beautiful Senorita

The Israeli actor is not only successful in his professional life but also in his personal life. He has the loving support of his girlfriend and lover, Oral Ben Shoshan.

Facts Of Tomer Capone
Facts Of Tomer Capone. Image Credit: Instagram.

According to multiple sources, the lovely couple has been together since 2012 but are yet to solidify their love by saying I do. Similarly, they rarely talk about their relationship in public.

Still, we know that Tomer Capone’s girlfriend is also an actress. She is known for appearing in The Good Cop, Fullmoon, Shababniks, and many more.

2. Learn About His Character From The Boys – Frenchie’s In-Universe Information

Capone has been portraying the character of Frenchi since 2019. Despite his rough past, Frenchie is a genuinely empathic guy who cares profoundly about his comrades’ well-being.

Further, the protagonist proved to be the group’s most intelligent member, possessing the most diverse skill set. He is a multi-talented criminal with knowledge of numerous illegal pursuits, such as drug production, firearm smuggling, breaking break-ins, and lying to police.

Frenchie claims to carry the memories of each person he has killed with him, and in one of his chats with Hughie, he hints that he feels deeply sorry about his past as a hitman.

Facts Of Tomer Capone
Facts Of Tomer Capone. Image Credit: Social Media.

The Boys member later tells Mother’s Milk that he believes Kimiko makes him a better person, hinting that this is one of his motivations for assisting her. His contact with Kimiko has also given him some proficiency in Japanese Sign Language.

Similarly, Frenchie had a rough past. His father was a cruel man who kidnapped him as a child, abused him frequently, and stubbed out cigarettes on his body.

The Boys’ team member has a penchant for lying. For instance, after getting an uninvited visit from him, he effortlessly fooled Homelander, a man with super-senses and powers.

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1. What Are Frenchie’s Powers?

Gifted Intelligence

The former hitman is a know-it-all with expertise in investigation, robbery, cooking, networking, and fluency in multiple languages.

Skilled Marksman

As a gunrunner, Frenchie is quite knowledgeable about firearms. He shot a Sage Grove Center security guard with his suppressed pistol and even dual-wielded handguns against Stormfront.


The Frenchman could rappel silently into A-Train‘s locker area through the vents. He also silently infiltrated the building that housed Kimiko Miyashiro.

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