Married Since 2002, Who Is Frank Vogel’s Wife Jenifer Vogel?

Frank Vogel's wife Jenifer VogelFrank Vogel is a family man and loves to spend a lot of time with his wife. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

If you haven’t heard about Frank Vogel, you are certainly not up to date regarding basketball. The 47-year-old former head coach of NBA team LA Lakers won the NBA title with names like LeBron James and Anthony Davies leading the rooster. Frank has been a dedicated person in the league for more than two decades, and finally, his time came to shine.

Vogel’s personal life is also as important to him as his professional life. He has been married to Jenifer Vogel for quite some time now, and the two seem to be inseparable. There is not much going in the media about Frank Vogel’s wife, Jenifer, but we have accumulated some interesting things about her that you might want to know.

Who is Frank Vogel’s Wife, Jenifer Vogel?

As we already know, Jenifer Vogel is the wife of NBA coach Frank Vogel. But let’s discuss more about who she is, on her own. To be honest, there is little to no information available about Jenifer’s personal life, but judging by all the known variables, we do know she is one of the most supporting wives one can get.

Jenifer has been an incredible partner for Frank, who has to dedicate most of his time to his coaching career. Even though he has a hectic schedule, the couple has managed to stick together and understand each other’s priorities. Moreover, Jenifer can be seen accompanying Frank in his games on quite a few occasions. So, we can safely say she is really supportive of her husband’s profession.

Married To Frank For Eighteen Years

It was when Vogel was working as Boston Celtics’ assistant, he met his wife, Jenifer. Frank married his beautiful wife, Jenifer, in 2002. And since then, the couple has shown no signs of hiccups. They are happily committed to each other and understand the importance of a bond like none other. Also, Frank being a family guy, has helped a lot in saving this relationship as he never forgets to spend time and have a quality dinner time with his family.

Frank Vogel's wife Jenifer Vogel
Jenifer Vogel’s husband Frank won the 17th NBA title for LA Lakers. Image Source: Social Media.

The couple can be seen spending quality time with each other, from cooking to having a family meal. The only bummer is none of them are active on social media, which makes it harder for fans to know how this lovely couple is spending their time together. Even so, we have to respect their privacy and hope to hear from them, about each other, in the near future.

Jenifer Vogel Is A Mother Of Two

Apart from being a wonderful wife, Jenifer has been even an incredible mother to her children. Currently, the couple is parents to two adorable daughters Alexa Vogel and Arianna Vogel. Both of the Vogel sisters are slowly coming of age. Jenifer is making sure that both of her daughters grow up with all the nourishment they could get.

We can surely hope to see more interesting and wholesome moments with them together. While Jenifer is busy making sure her children are growing up fine and strong, Frank is out there winning titles and making the family prouder than ever. Let’s just hope this family always stays the same with Jenifer and Frank tied to each other forever.

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