Hayley Williams’ Ex Boyfriend Josh Farro Made Anti-LGBTQ Remarks, What Could Be The Reason For Their Split In 2007 ?

Hayley Williams' Ex Boyfriend Josh FarroLater in 2004, Hayley co-founded the rock band Paramore. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Hayley Nichole Williams is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and businesswoman. Born on December 27th, 1988, Hayley is known for her work with the rock band Paramore. Miss Williams worked with the rock band Paramore as their lead vocalist, primary songwriter, and pianist.

Hayley was dating her band mate, Josh Farro. However, the couple broke up abruptly. Josh is recently accused of being homophobic because he made some anti-LGBTQ remarks. So follow along and continue reading to know what went wrong with Hayley Williams and her ex Boyfriend, Josh Farro.

Insights On Hayley Williams

Hayley was born to Joey Williams and Cristi Williams in Meridian, Mississippi. However, after her parents divorced in 2002, Hayley relocated to Franklin, Tennessee, with her mother. At her new school, she met her future bandmates, Josh Farro and his brother Zac Farro. Later in 2004, Hayley co-founded the rock band Paramore with them. Moreover, after settling in Franklin, she began taking vocal lessons with Brett Manning.

Hayley Williams' Ex Boyfriend Josh Farro
Hayley and Josh dated from 2004 to 2007. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

Hayley’s career started to skyrocket after she was founded by Dave Steunebrink and Richard Williams in 2003, who later signed a two-year production deal with her. At the time, she was also writing pop songs along with other songwriters in Nashville. Furthermore, Williams was introduced to Atlantic Records A&R Tom Storms through Richard Williams. Jason Flom later signed her. The original plan for the label was to make her a solo artist. However, Williams refused, stating that she wanted to be part of a band.

Who Is Hayley Williams’ Ex-Boyfriend Josh Farro?

Being a band member of the same rock band as Hayley, Josh Farro is an American musician. He is best known as Paramore‘s former lead guitarist and backing vocalist. Born on September 29th, 1987, in Voorhees Township, New Jersey, Josh is now running after his solo career as the guitarist and lead vocalist of his self-named band Farro. He is the second oldest of five siblings, including drummer Zac Farro of Paramore.

Josh learned to play the guitar when he was thirteen years old and is a self-taught musician. He then relocated his family to Franklin, Tennessee. Moreover, Josh married Jenna Ricein on April 3rd, 2010. The duo has two children: a daughter born on January 8th, 2018, and a son born on May 22nd, 2020. 

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Hayley’s And Josh’s Relationship Rundown

It is no surprise that Hayley and Josh dated for many years. However, fans and supporters were shocked when the duo announced their breakup. So what went wrong between the high school sweethearts? Relationships in secret are fascinating and adventurous. So many people are compelled to put everything on hold and leave everything behind to pursue something that’s a little questionable but is attracted by the sheer concept of a secret romance.

Hayley Williams' Ex Boyfriend Josh Farro
Hayley was dating her band made, Josh Farro. Image Source: Wikimedia Commons.

When it comes to these famous ex-band members are no exception to this. According to sources, Hayley and Josh started dating in 2004. However, the public knew about their relationship two years after they broke up in 2007. They kept their relationship secret because they didn’t want the band to be just about them and their relationship status. 

Furthermore, Josh Farro referred to homosexuality as “a perversion” and compared it to pedophilia on the October of 2020. Following the spread of her ex-Paramore band member ‘s anti-gay remarks on Twitter, Miss Williams responded to them. She was a fervent ally of the LGBTQI+ community.

What Could Be The Reason For Hayley’s And Josh’s Split?

Romance behind the curtains seems very attractive. However, keeping the romance behind the curtains takes a lot of work. Hayley’s and Josh’s secret romance was no longer a secret when both admitted dating for four years after two years of breaking up in 2007. Unfortunately, the reason behind their breakup is vague.

According to some sources, Hayley’s and Josh’s slip was because Hayley had cheated on Josh with Chad Gilbert, Hayley’s now ex-husband. However the duo was said to be close even after their breakup, but things slowly started to go downhill after their breakup. Needless to say that Hayley and Josh aren’t on good terms anymore. As per some sites, Hayley severely betrayed Josh. But the truth will only be spilled if one of these musicians opens up.
All in all, both Josh and Hayley seem to be doing well, even though Hayley has taken a break from social media platforms for her mental health. We wish the very best for their future adventures and endorsements. In addition, we hope both of them reveal more about their personal and professional life in the future. 


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