Who Is Jennifer Aydin’s Husband? Look Into Their Love Life

Jennifer Aydin's Husband Bill AydinJennifer Aydin and her beloved husband Bill Aydin have been married for nearly two decades. Image Source: Getty Images.

Love, it is a single word with countless meanings. For some, it means family, but for some, it’s a feeling that lasts forever. It’s quite strange that someone who you don’t know half your life suddenly becomes the most important person in this entire universe. When a person is in love, it’s not gravity that keeps you intact to this world, but it’s the person you love. Seeing them once, hearing their voice, it’s an indescribable feeling. Love happens, and it happens just like that; in a snap of a finger, you would not even know, and suddenly, you are in love. The same happened with Jennifer when she first met her husband, Bill.

Jennifer Aydin and Bill Aydin first met at Bill’s brother’s wedding. At first glance, Jennifer fell in love with Bill, and soon, the couple started to date. They tied their knot nearly after a year of dating. Bill and Jennifer are an ideal couple who have been married for nearly two decades. Let’s get to know the ups and downs they went through in their relationship.

How They Came To Be?

Jennifer Aydin’s husband, Bill Aydin, was the best man at James Aydin’s wedding, which was held in 2001. Instead of the groom who she intended to meet, it was the best man whom she found more attracted. They had a little chat during the wedding and promised to meet the following weekend.

After the first meeting, Jennifer and Bill talked on the phone for 6 weeks and finally planned for a second meeting. Moreover, on their second date, Bill asked Jennifer to become his wife. She immediately said yes, and the following week she was introduced as his fiancee.

You all might be thinking that like every single couple, Bill proposed her and she answered. Here, this is a different case. Surprisingly, Bill never proposed her; he simply asked Jennifer, ”You know you’re going to be my wife, right?” And the rest is history.

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Despite having a fairy tale like a beginning to their story, their engagement was a bit different. Bill, instead of proposing Jennifer with a ring, he gave her a cross to signify their engagement. At that time, the engagement ring was not the most important thing to them. When everyone asked Jennifer’s spouse, Bill about the ring, he used to answer simply, ”My dad’s a [jeweler], her dad’s a jeweler, it’s not the most important thing — we are!”’

Interestingly, Jennifer and Bill met a day before Labor Day, and after dating for a year, they got married on exactly the same day, Sunday before Labor Day in 2002.

Loving and Caring Husband Bill

Jennifer Aydin’s husband, Bill Aydin, is a plastic surgeon and is originally from Turkey. When it comes to secrets, Jennifer has none, and she openly talks about her surgery. Jennifer has revealed everything regarding her weight loss, breast reduction, lift, and also about a painful PRP treatment to aide traction hair loss caused by extensions and high ponytails.

Bill Aydin's wife Jennifer Aydin
Jennifer’s husband, Bill, is a renown surgeon. Image Source: Getty Images.

After her surgery to tackle tummy tuck performed by her husband, she shared everything the goods and the bads. More to that, she has uploaded a lot of videos regarding the screen of her recovery. When asked the reason for choosing her spouse to perform such an invasive procedure, she stated that her husband explained, ”No one will ever look after you, take the meticulous time necessary, and go above and beyond for you the way I will.”

Parents Of Five

Jennifer Aydin and Bill Aydin share five children. The couple first welcomed their child-son Justin Aydin in 2005, followed by their daughter Gabrielle Aydin in 2008. Later on, the family expanded when they welcomed their second son Jacob Aydin in 2009. Similarly, they were blessed with two lovely children Christian Aydin and Olivia Aydin, born in 2011 and 2013, respectively.  

Jennifer Aydin's husband Bill Aydin
Jennifer and her husband, Bill, with their lovely kids. Image Source: Jennifer’s Instagram.

The family of seven currently lives in New Jersey. Moreover, Jennifer and her husband have been together for nearly two decades and haven’t shown any signs of dispute amongst them. Regardless of the news of Bill cheating on her, the couple is still together.

Did Jennifer Aydin’s Husband Cheat On Her?

The rumors of Jennifer’s husband Bill cheating on her started after Josephs was seen arguing with Jennifer on RHONJ. It all began when Josephs asked Jennifer whether her husband slept with her or with another woman at the pool house. Jennifer then pointed out that Josephs’ mother slept with another man for 15 years, she claimed Josephs must be used to it, but those things must be kept private.

Following that, Josephs fired back at Jennifer, saying she was right, but maybe that’s the reason Jennifer’s husband was sleeping at the pool house. Jennifer looked visibly aggravated, but she coolly replied that she knew her spouse better than anyone, she had faith in him, and her husband could sleep anywhere he wanted.

Jennifer Aydin's Husband Bill Aydin
Jennifer and Bill share a lovely relation with one another. Image Source: Getty Images.

Furthermore, Josephs asked Jennifer whether her husband was sleeping in his girlfriend’s bed or not. Jennifer looked very furious and was looked like she was going to flip the table. So, is her husband actually cheating on her?  It was not clearly mentioned that her husband was actually cheating on her or not, but when it comes to Jennifer’s married life, she says she likes to keep everything locked out.

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