Jim Boylen’s Wife Christine Boylen Is The Mother Of His 2 Children

Jim Boylen's wife Christine BoylenJim married met his wife Christine during his time

James Boylen or Jim Boylen is an American professional basketball coach. He was most recently the head coach for the Chicago Bulls in the NBA from 2018 to 2020. Boylen previously served as head coach for the University of Utah, coaching the program from 2007 to 2011 before being fired on March 12, 2011. Jim’s time at Chicago may not be his best run, but it is certainly not his last time as an NBA head coach.

Boylen’s coaching career is set to take on a turn due to current uncertainties. During these uncertain periods, one thing that is certain is the support he is getting from his beau, Christine Boylen. Married for a long time, let’s go through this short article to know more about Jim Boylen’s wife, Christine.

Married For More Than Two Decades

Jim Boylen met his wife, Christine Boylen, while he was an assistant with the Rockets. The couple dated for few years before tying the knot in 1995. Since then, the only thing that has changed is their love for each other. It has grown by a thousand folds making their bond even stronger. The couple has had each other’s back since the very beginning and will continue to do so. Christine was always a fan of basketball but since marrying Jim she even used to give him coaching tips, which is pretty amazing.

Jim Boylen's wife Christine Boylen
Jim Boylen’s time at Chicago was highly criticized by many. Image Source: Social Media.

In this uncertain period, one thing is sure that Jim and Christine make a perfect pair that will probably stick together for eternity. As Jim’s job hops from one to another, it is very important for him that he gets his family’s support as long as the two stay together, their family will always be happy and lively.

Jim Boylen’s Wife Christine Had To Go Through Multiple Miscarriages

Jim and his wife Christine had to go through the horrors of several failed pregnancies. Christine went through multiple miscarriages before becoming pregnant again in 2004, which also had bad news lurking. They were devastated when losing another child six weeks into that pregnancy. Some light finally shined upon them when they find out Jim Boylen’s wife Christine was pregnant with twins, and one survived.

The horrors this family went through is something that one would not even want his enemies to suffer. During those crucial times, Jim made sure that he stood by Christine’s side. The couple has now moved on from that and has two healthy children.

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Mother Of Two

After the horrifying events of multiple miscarriages, Jim and his wife Christine finally gave birth to two wonderful children. Their first daughter Ashlen Clare Boylen was born in March 2005, and the second daughter Layla Blue Boylen was born in September 2006. The couple is now happily living with their two daughters. Jim also spends a lot of time with his daughter and even bought a house near his office during his time in Utah.

Christine’s prayers finally came through after she was blessed with two beautiful daughters. Jim Boylen’s wife also used to volunteer in a church back in the days. Both of the girls are slowly coming of age and are living with their parents in Chicago.

Christine and Jim had bought a River North condominium in Chicago in 2015 for $480,000 and sold it in 2018 for $463,000. Later they bought another one next door for $540,000 and recently listed it for sale after losing the job of head coach of Chicago Bulls. Christine and the two daughters have now gotten used to the frequent moving due to Jims’ coaching job.

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