John W. Stanton’s Wife Theresa Gillespie – How Long Has The Pair Been Married?

John W Stanton's wife Theresa GillespieJohn Stanton is the husband and business associate of Theresa Gillespie. Image Source: Social Media.

John Stanton, aka John W. Stanton, is an American businessman and investor. He is the majority owner of the Seattle Mariners of the Major League Baseball (MLB). In addition, John is also the chairman of a famous company, Trilogy International Partners.

Furthermore, John was the Chief Operating Officer and Vice Chairman of McCaw Cellular. The company was the most extensive wireless operator during the 80s in the U.S. John went to Harvard Business School to pursue his Masters in Business Administration (MBA) before beginning his professional career.

Besides his successful business career, John is married to his beautiful life partner, Theresa GillespieFurthermore, the couple has welcomed two children during their marriage. So, in this article, let’s get to know John Stanton’s wife, Theresa Gillespie.

Theresa Gillespie Is A Businesswoman

John Stanton’s spouse, Theresa Gillespie, was born in 1953. She went to the University of Washington to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (B.A.). After completing her studies, he was involved in many business projects.

In 1994, Theresa and her husband started two cellular phone companies in Pacific Northwest named VoiceStream and Western Wireless. In 2000 just six years later, Theresa and her husband’s stake in the VoiceStream and Western Wireless rose to astonishing $783 million and $780 million respectively. Their telecom company has the license to over operation in fifty percent of the U.S. geography.

Besides this, Theresa is also the co-founder and managing director of Trilogy International Partners. She is also the former financial chief officer and vice chairman of Western Wireless.

Seeing as she has been involved in so many successful business ventures, it is clear that Theresa has established herself as more than a wife of John Stanton. Moreover, it seems like the husband-wife have found immense success in their work partnership.

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John Stanton’s Wife Is Into Philanthropy

Unfortunately, John Stanton’s spouse Theresa Gillespie lost her mother and father to cancer. The loss of her parents has inspired her to serve and help the cancer community. She is a trustee board member in the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Furthermore, Theresa is also a member of the Washington State Opportunity Scholarship Board of Directors. Having found immense success as a businesswoman, it seems like John Stanton’s wife, Theresa Gillespie, really loves serving her community back and helping those in need.

Must Be Enjoying A Lavish Lifestyle

Theresa Gillespie and John Stanton have been married for a very long time. The couple also has two sons together. However, the date and location of their marriage are unknown. It seems they like to keep their personal life private and away from the limelight.

Nonetheless, John Stanton’s wife, Theresa Gillespie, must be living a very comfortable and luxurious lifestyle. Her hubby is one of the wealthiest people in America. John was listed on 840 in 2007 Forbes Richest People and Theresa herself has contributed to much of their company’s success.

So, they might have many properties and real estate to their name, along with exquisite vehicles. Moreover, with millions of dollars to their name, the Stanton couple might have raised their children appropriately.

John W Stanton's wife Theresa Gillespie
Theresa Gillespie’s husband John W. Stanton was named among the wealthiest people in the world by Forbes in 2007. Image Source: Social Media.

However, Theresa’s husband, John, seems passionate about serving the community. He started A.G. Bell, an organization to help children who have hearing loss. The objective of their campaign is to help kids hear better and have no problems while communicating.

We thank the Stanton family for their generous contribution to the community and wish them all the best in the future.

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